Need of Technology for Better Healthcare and Environment

Since a lot of people don’t know the solution to combat pollution, we can only use technology to create awareness

Technology is everywhere. You look around and you will find a number of things that are integrated with advanced technology. This doesn’t just make your life simpler but also helps you function better and efficiently.

With the advancement in technology with each passing day, we understand the importance of the same in our lives. From selecting your favorite home décor piece to ordering your pet supplies – life has become much easier with the help of e-commerce sites and mobile applications.

As technology is improving every day, new developments have come to light. Technology is only constantly transforming our lives in better ways. For instance, with the help of data integration and API (application program interface) system, one can check weather reports on their smartphones in a few seconds.

With our environment getting affected by a number of causes, it has become apparent that the need for technology is a necessity for better healthcare and a healthy environment.

Here are 5 ways how technology is constantly proving to improve our environment and human health:

  1. The Internet has become resourceful to any piece of information

Ever since the internet has been introduced in our lives, everything has become simple and easy. Thanks to the advancement of technology we are now able to avail and fix things which weren’t inside a normal person’s outreach. With 60% users from around the world on their cellphones, the Internet has become the hub of all kinds of searches from across the world. 40% users who aren’t a part of the keyboard warrior schematics are on from their computer tabs. The Internet provides useful data and information that are for personal, social and economic development. Use of information technology has not only helped people to work on various subject including health, education, finance, marketing but has also helped them witness everything that needs a fix.

  1. Reach of social media platform connects you to like-minded people

One of the biggest pluses of technology is the availability of social media platforms like – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With the advent of the short blog scenario, people can finally tweet their problems directly to the body that governs the fix. Other platforms like Facebook and Twitter have also helped people connect their lifestyles with others who are on the same page. Social media provides a space to tackle both healthcare and environmental issues with campaigns that are occasionally able to get things done.

  1. Call of action to instant treatment

There are times when one can simply can’t reach the doctor in case of a minute health issue. In instances like these, the internet acts like a pseudo-doctor who gives us instant answers to a few basic issues. Cough, cold and other similar health concerns can be simply treated by the home fixes that are present on the internet with a simple google search. The instant treatment feature provided by technology in the lures of health app and Doctor outreach also becomes more authentic and easier.

  1. The interrelation between online database and predicament

Data provided by the internet is sometimes almost equivalent to a weather forecast. The tons of scientific data that are available on the internet for free – Including values such as high and low rainfall, rise and fall of Air Quality, etc. can help us trace our future step in the right way. Also, an online database can accurately predict all kinds of medical trends. It is also accurate to say that Doctors and Other medical experts will be able to respond to outbreaks when a lot of people search for similar symptoms in a specific area.

  1. Increased awareness of our surroundings

Air pollution is a real issue which the country has been fighting against since more than a decade. AQI apps have an algorithm that tells real-time AQI (air quality index) of any location. Depending on the AQI which is a term that defines the quality of the air, the app suggests whether the air you’re breathing is good or bad for your health.

With easy health recommendations mentioned on the AQI App, people can trace the proper course of actions that must be taken to be safe from breathing polluted air. This helps the person become self-aware about his/her surroundings. It also assists them to take necessary action against polluted air irrespective of whether they’re indoor or outdoor.

Our environment is getting affected by the disastrous impact of air pollution. Since a lot of people don’t know the solution to combat pollution, we can only use technology to create awareness and help each other.

By Rohit Bansal, Founder AQI India, Prana Purelogic Labs

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