Need for consistent and intelligent sales and distribution platform: Anka SumMor

In this article we have joint interaction with Anka SumMor, they are allowing businesses to focus on building their brands.

Aanchal Ghatak
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Anka SumMor allows businesses to focus on building their brands, while it provides supply and distribution expertise. This plug-and-play service gives the emerging brands the same strengths of execution and scale as large FMCG corporations.


Here, Ashok George, Founder and CEO, Anka SumMor, and Rajiv Joshi, Founder and COO, Anka SumMor, tell us more. Excerpts from an interview:

DQ: What are the challenges and solutions for the retail industry during covid-19 times?

Ashok George: The pandemic has actually highlighted the fragility of traditional and fragmented Supply & Distribution networks in the business. With multiple touch points in the entire S&D value chain, the prime challenge for FMCG brands is to reach their customers through retail outlets (both online and offline).


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Leveraging technology solutions to fulfil customer needs is of primary importance in these uncertain times - Sales Force Automation, Distribution Management System, Warehouse Management System, Delivery Management System and few intelligent tools to improve sales, delivery and in-outlet executions. However, this process works for large FMCG brands, and not challengers or emerging brands in the marketdue to lower volume scale


DQ: How are you reducing the complexity in distribution using technology?

Ashok George: Unlike HUL or P&G, challenger brands which have large traction but limited scale do not have the means and resources to efficiently manage their Supply Chain & Distribution networks within multiple cities and distributors. Traditional S&D structure involves CFA, multiple distributors, cash & carry, retail and many other touch points.

Anka SumMor replaces this structure with 'SumMor Model' which is a single point of contact to service all retail channels in a city and state for any brand. In turn, reduces cost, increases productivity and efficiency for these brands to grow in the competitive market.

Sales force automation linked to invoicing, allows us to forecast basis demand, thereby, increasing the fill rates to more than 95% for challenger brands which results in significant revenue growth, lower levels of non-moving inventory and reduced product expiry and damages. Further,Sales force automation helps the sales team to improve on range selling to increase brand assortment in retail.


DQ: What is the role of the supply chain and distribution sector in shaping up the retail experience?

Rajiv Joshi: A distribution system’s primary functions are service demand for a brand/SKU and to introduce new brand variants at retail touch points for consumers to both meet their demand and new offerings for them to evaluate. It is the final frontier for any brand. This is where the need for a consistent and intelligent sales and distribution platform is required for brands that still do not have the scale that large brands have.

AnKa SumMor is a unique plug-and-play S&D platform dedicated for challenger brands, for them to leverage scale benefits that they do not get in today’s fragmented and multi-layered S&D platforms.


DQ: How are supply chains able to keep pace with the temporary rise in consumption of essentials in the days to come?

Rajiv Joshi: There is a significant effort across all levels from sourcing RM/PM to optimising production runs basis SKU rationalisation/creation basis change in consumption to “at home” from “on the go”. The last mile of delivery stocks to retail is the real challenge which is where a robust S&D platform brings a difference. With Anka SumMor, brands have been able to leverage robust S&D system and hence, grow significant revenues.

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