NEC introduces Wireless Transport solution with AI analytics

NEC Corporation announced the global availability of its “Smart Wireless Transport Network” (Smart WTN) solution for resolving bottlenecks in the mobile backhaul for 5G networks, featuring a high capacity pipe for dynamic network optimization.

The Smart WTN combines NEC’s iPASOLINK EX, an ultra-compact radio communication system that achieves wireless transmission capacity of 10Gbps in the E-band range, with a Backhaul Resource Manager (BRM) SDN controller that dynamically controls both wired and wireless networks, as well as NEC’s widely deployed Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, “NEC the WISE” (*). As a result, it is able to provide seamless migration for projects ranging from small first-time deployments to advanced large-scale deployments utilizing state-of-the-art AI.

In order to accommodate high speed communications and the IoT, it is necessary to accelerate adoption of small cells and expand the capacity of mobile backhaul that connects cell sites. This is in addition to maintaining legacy macro cells. The Smart WTN solution enables flexible network build-out, makes valid traffic and defect predictions, adapts to environmental and behavioral changes accordingly, and dynamically modifies operations in order to improve efficiency and minimize power consumption.

“NEC offers dynamic and intelligent transport networks for telecom carriers, enabling them to provide the best user experience for their customers,” said, Atsushi Noro, General Manager, Mobile Wireless Solutions Division, NEC Corporation. ”Based on our global deployment of reliable mobile infrastructure with the NEC PASOLINK series, NEC is able to provide optimized solutions for 5G that integrate best-of-breed products from a wide variety of vendors and disciplines.”

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