Naviz Analytics launches a no-code data analytics platform named Zanus

Zanus' no-code interface will enable domain experts with no prior coding or data analytics experience can run data experiments.

New Update

Naviz Analytics, solutions provider for data & analytics products, connectivity, and IoT, launched Zanus, a no-code data analytics platform. Zanus, as a platform, enables people with prior data analytics experience, to run complex analytical tasks and generate insights. However, the real power of the tool lies in its no-code interface wherein, domain experts with no prior coding or data analytics experience can run data experiments and make more informed decisions.


The platform requires no coding expertise, but can integrate datasets from ad-hoc data files, APIs, data warehouse, and empowers users to explore data, generate visual insights with dashboards, easy sharing, collaboration, or export, refresh triggers, usage analytics, among other benefits.

 “Most organizations face a severe dilemma when it comes to data. Either their data experts are stuck in small data needs, or their domain experts lack the technical expertise to analyse and generate insights from data generated by their team and processes. Zanus is the answer most data-driven organizations have been looking for. Organizations can also customize Zanus to build a data platform matching their needs," says Saurabh Gupta, Co-founder, Naviz Analytics

He further added, “Zanus empowers both data experts and people with zero coding expertise to visualize insights from raw data across the entire organization. Forget spreadsheets - Zanus offers faster page load times for millions of data rows with real-time view and analysis, cross-platform KPI tracking, usage analytics, and much more.”

The solution can be set up on the organization's cloud or on-premise infrastructure and seamlessly integrated within the data landscape of the organization.