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NASSCOM CoE and ICANN Invite Applications for DNS Project Competition, Winners To Receive Rs 75,000

NASSCOM CoE and ICANN have invited applications from researchers and the academic community to explore the working of Domain Name System

NASSCOM Center of Excellence – IoT and AI in partnership with Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has invited applications from students for DNS Project Competition. The program aims at fostering interest and encouraging students and academia in the use and development of Domain Name System (DNS) protocols. As part of the competition, four shortlisted student teams will be funded a stipend of Rs 75,000 per team per month to complete their projects in six months. Apart from funding, teams will also be mentored by experts from NASSCOM-COE and ICANN.

Under this initiative, student teams from academic institutions will be invited to submit applications to undertake research in various aspects of the DNS. An orientation session will be offered to explain topics such as the existing and future challenges of the DNS, the current research areas, and key players. A review committee composed of NASSCOM CoE and ICANN representatives will evaluate the submitted applications. The top seven teams will be invited to present their proposals to the jury. During the implementation stage, ICANN and NASSCOM CoE experts will mentor the teams for best outcomes. At the project end, each team will submit a detailed report about their research output and present it to the NASSCOM CoE and ICANN teams.

Important Points About the NASSCOM CoE and ICANN DNS Project Competition

  • The challenge is for the academic community only.
  • Indian students pursuing their BTech, MTech or equivalent in Indian institutes are eligible for the challenge.
  • Each team consist of three to four students.
  • If necessary, the students can choose one of their Professors as a mentor to guide them during the implementation.
  • Teams need to use their own computing devices.
  • Any Intellectual Property generated from this DNS challenge will be royalty-free for all challenges.
  • The application should not be over 2-3 pages of A4 size. It has to be submitted as a Word or pdf document.

Those who wish to know more about the competition can visit the official website for further information.

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