MyOperator sees amalgamation of AI with voice bot in call management

MyOperator understands how management of phone calls can directly impact customer service. It is built to better serve the needs of the customers

Aanchal Ghatak
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MyOperator is an initiative towards making call management easy for small- and medium-sized organizations. It understands how management of phone calls can directly impact customer service. It is built to better serve the needs of the customers. The idea is to envision a world where businesses are able to manage, track and record their business calls.


Ankit Jain CEO and founder, MyOperator, tells us more. Excerpts:

DQ: How is the call management industry doing today?

Ankit Jain: Frontline customer service jobs have been on the rise for the last six years and would continue by another 5% over the next 10 years. AI isn’t eliminating customer service roles, it’s simply changing them, evolving what is handled by machine, and what is handled by humans, and what is handled through a blend of Human+AI.


CFI Group’s 2018 Contact Centre Satisfaction Index report states that live agents still drive customer satisfaction because Voice is still 79% of channel volume. Furthermore, the survey results clearly show that the faster the call is handled, by the first agent, on the first call, the higher the customer satisfaction ratings.

DQ: What are the industry trends in call management solutions?

Ankit Jain: The biggest trend we have witness in call management industry is the amalgamation of artificial intelligence with voice bots. Businesses are getting deeper into predictive analytics, using AI applications to help streamline call centre experiences for customers and agents.


Industry-specific voice bots: A voice bot is a virtual ‘bot’ or computer program that conducts a conversation using technologies such as AI and natural language processing (NLP). Voice bots are getting efficient in collecting more information about their target audience and figuring out what exactly customers want or need to hear.

Vernacular customer support: This is particularly important in a highly linguistically diverse country like India. With the help of cloud telephony products are undergoing consistent development support multiple languages. It would not only ensure a far superior customer experience by eliminating bot breaks caused by users inputting queries in non-English languages but also equipped with the ability to converse in vernacular languages. This would make them accessible to the vast number of Indians for whom English was not the language of choice.

Voice analytics: Voice analytics are the use of a voice recognition tool to analyze and record a spoken conversation. Voice analytics solutions are giving enterprises access to direct analysis of recorded customer calls. This is helping them gather accurate customer information to improve communication and future interaction.


DQ: What are the growth plans of MyOperator, and what is the way ahead for the company?

Ankit Jain: Recently, MyOperator has completed six years of operations. It is a self funded organization. We have been tapping the international market. So far we are operational in US, UK, NewZealand apart from India. Also, we are entering into the South Asian countries, Middle East and Latin America.

Within India, there is an untapped market. MyOperator is focused towards the channel marketing and consider it an integral part of our business. For us, channel marketing plays a key role in expanding our business opportunities and expands our customer base. With this aim we primary targeting Tier2 & Tier 3 market.


DQ: Please share some successful case studies of clients across sectors.

Ankit Jain: My Operator has completed six years in its spherical industry. Since then, it has earned trust of about 6,500+ global clientele, comprising of leading brands such as Food panda, Lenskart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Razorpay, Thomas Cook, Berger Paints, PWC, Godfrey Philips and many more.

It is a sector-agonistic solution and helps various sectors, such as real estate, e-commerce, IT and BPO, education, food and hospitality, healthcare, and many more.


A few of them are

* In real estate, it has helped to manage all calls without manual efforts.

* The virtual numbers provided by My Operator has allowed the e-commerce sector to attend multiple calls simultaneously and save the calls from getting missed.

* An IVR to facilitate callers to automatically connect with their concerned department and eliminate manual intervention.

* In healthcare industry, My Operator has been a great help for the hospitals to track and follow up with patient calls so that they won’t miss any appointments.

One of the first unique case study was to manage PM Narendra Modi’s weekly program ‘Mann Ki Baat’ where MyOperator provided a virtual number that can be dialed by the public to share their ideas with the PM.

MyOperator is also extensively working towards disaster management. We are providing helpline numbers to natural calamities situations.