My biggest blunder was not seeing the torpedoes of Q2 2000 coming…

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An under-graduate in product design from North Carolina State University,

specializing in visual and design aspects, Templeton went on to pursue a Masters

in Business Administration course from the Virginia University. He remembers

Virginia University fondly, where the atmosphere was one of "case studies,

almost Socratic"… And yes, there were a lot of students from India who

graduated with him, and perhaps that is where Templeton’s affinity for India

stems from.



Templeton is an old-timer in the software business, having entered the field

"when people entered the software arena for passion, to see how tech could

change the world". He sees a contrast in some of today’s software

professionals, mercenaries who have entered for the money that their jobs can

make them. And he remembers September the 11 of this year–"In my heart,

what happened on 9.11 was profoundly to do with the haves and have-nots, in

terms of knowledge and infrastructure." He says that today, the industry

has the software to make the world a level living place. "We should use IT

to bring better levels of understanding of peoples. We have differed in

accepting things that don’t go according to the way we know them to."

Best Decision

No long thoughts on this one–"Marrying my wife Yvonne–she is my CEO

and has given me three interesting and well-mannered kids." Professional

best decision–joining Citrix in 1995.

Professional Faux Pas

No long introspection this time either–"Not seeing the external

torpedoes coming, the ones that slammed into the industry in Q2 of 2000. Also,

not seeing some of the places where we were shooting ourselves in the



Playing with classic automobiles–Templeton has a 1934 Ford

Roadster, which is "in better shape than when Ford built it", a 1957

fiber glass two-seater Corvette, and two old Aston Martins, one of which is a DB

Mark II. Obviously, his cars are his second passion.

As told to Rajeev Narayanin

in Orlando, Florida