Mphasis Launches Digital Customer Experience Management Solutions

New Update
Digital technologies

Mphasis announced the launch of the Mphasis Digital Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution set, the first technology solution able to provide complete customer experience management regardless of device or channel.


Partnering with industry leaders: Adobe, Artificial Solutions, Lavastorm and MCorpCX; Mphasis Digital CEM offerings, leverages their seventeen years of customer relationship management expertise, complemented by technology enabled disruptors including Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing, Intelligent Experiences and Care Transformation.

"Digital Business is the next ‘industrial revolution’ and will cause tectonic shifts in the market place,” said Mr. Ganesh Ayyar, CEO of Mphasis. “During such times, excellence in customer experience has been proven to be an essential ingredient of a successful business. Digital Technologies offer a spectrum of exciting possibilities to shape customer experience. Our Digital Customer Experience framework will enable business enterprises to leverage Digital Technologies in creating a positive end-to-end customer experience."

Mphasis’ Digital CEM solutions benefit customers by providing:

360 degree view of customer experience across channels: Enhanced, safe and secure

Uni-channel, multichannel and omni-channel customer experiences

Optimized channel mix leading to reduction in overall cost of operations: Improved revenue per customer through more effective mapping of products to customer needs

Faster reaction time to customer needs.


“Companies must go beyond good intentions and adopt business discipline to turn their aspirations into reality, companies must take their customer experience efforts from ad hoc to mature. A truly differentiating customer experience may require a company to operate in a drastically new way. Four gaps that keep businesses from delivering great customer experiences are performance, convenience, personalization and trust,” says Megan Burns, Analyst and Forrester Research.

Through proven technology solution and domain expertise, Mphasis helps bring industry best practices to its customers to maximize operational efficiency and return on investment (ROI). Mphasis Digital CEM acts as the foundation for continuous business innovation.

As customers are more empowered and Net Promoter Scores more valuable, ensuring a 360 degree view and providing a consistent customer experience across delivery channels is imperative to win in today’s digital led, ultra-competitive environment. Mphasis Digital CEM solutions help maximize customer experience by continuously improving processes and technology. Focused on identifying, anticipating and satisfying customers' needs across all touch points, our solutions lead to greater profitability and increased retention and loyalty.