MoEngage Launches Dynamic Product Messaging

The market for the attention of a prospective customer is big. Large corporations like Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle and numerous startups are in the fray to help businesses target and re-target its customers to buy product and services many times over. At the same time considering the ever-increasing volume of emails and push notifications delivered to customer’s mobile, it’s important for consumer businesses to stand out with hyper-personalized content tailored to preferences and tastes. Since these businesses sell a lot of products, they need the automation and intelligence tools to communicate relevant products to the right people.

MoEngage, which already has a suite of products for customer engagement has launched Dynamic Product Messaging (DPM), a solution designed to help businesses communicate relevant products from their catalog based on a user’s browsing history through push notifications and emails. This solution is based on the platform’s proprietary Sherpa Interaction Graph, which maps each user’s behavior with the products / content from the catalogue and powers these product recommendations.

Facebook and Google are veterans in the dynamic ads space and are quite popular among marketers who want to target users looking for a specific product.

With the introduction of Dynamic Product Messaging, MoEngage has managed to achieve for Push Notifications and Emails, what Facebook and Google have done for dynamic ads. Through a combination of catalog inputs and user-tracking, Dynamic Product Messaging can send the most relevant product recommendations to users. The use cases extend beyond products to content recommendations, price drop alerts, etc.

Marketers can set up a regular sync of their product catalog to build the Sherpa Interaction Graph with real-time pricing / availability information and create campaigns targeting specific products to specific audiences, or let MoEngage automatically deliver the most relevant products to customers. Products can be shown in single or multi-product creatives. DPM can be customized for use throughout the customer journey, from the discovery of products to the abandonment of shopping carts and continued engagement to drive repeat purchases.

The Product has so far been an invitation-only pilot with MoEngage customers across South-East Asia, India and Middle-East regions including Tokopedia, Oyo Rooms and Sivvi. They have seen at-least 2X improvement in conversions with DPM powered communications.


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