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MobME eyes international markets with new analytics products

MobME Wireless Solutions, a technology company aiding enterprises in creating customer centric solutions, announced its next leg of growth in terms of both products and markets. The company made this announcement at an event to mark its 10 year anniversary.

Taking an innovative approach of growth in its next leg, MobME plans a strategic shift into a technology company with market leading analytics and banking product portfolios. The company’s existing offerings of Geckolyst and Digital Banking Labs (DBL) are very well accepted in the Indian markets and it now plans to take it to the world with a focus on US, South East Asian and Middle Eastern markets.

To enhance user experience, MobME plans to bring new features like voice analytics, training and chatbots to its existing customer experience analytics solutions. This will empower its clients to analyse customer behaviour and aid in multiple services while developing more personalised experience for the customers. While some of these features would be developed in-house, the company is also open for inorganic expansion to bring other solutions within its bouquet. The company plans to raise Rs. 100 crore to Rs. 130 crore for its international and inorganic expansion.

Similarly, the Company is in various stages of discussions with its BFSI clients to build a suite of conversational banking products, including bots and chat platofrms to enhance the banks relationships with the end customer.

Speaking at the occasion Mr. Sathya Kalyanasundaram, CEO, MobME said, “It is a privilege to work with this extremely talented team who started & built this company over the last several years. The strong foundation built by them is helping us to spawn a true technology enterprise. Moving ahead with a product mindset rather than a service mindset, our underlying philosophy is to build technology IP that can sustain and drive industry leading product development. The core IP that will be developed, is a much larger value driver over the course of the next several layers. It will also allow us additions and modifications ultimately resulting in enhanced experience for enterprise customers”

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