Mobility is not only about mobile phones but also mobile experiences

Romi Mahajan, Director, KKM Group, tells us about GAEMS, a company that completely understands the importance of building a great gaming experience

Tell us a bit about GAEMS
GAEMS is a fascinating company- ostensibly they are in the video game console business but the deeper truth is that they are in the gaming experience space and fundamentally understand the portability + community are keys to gaming.

Aren’t they fundamentally a leading hardware company?
At first blush they absolutely sell gaming consoles or to be in a sense clearer, “portable gaming environments.”  But they do a lot more too.  They create sticky and memorable experiences for the myriad of people (from all walks of life, across genders and age) who do not consider gaming as a separate thing from their life.  Put differently, they allow people to integrate their gaming experiences with their normal lives- through portability and high-design.

Is that what attracted you to GAEMS?
Well that was second in line. First in line was the vision of the two founders- Dean Mercier and John Smith.  These two entrepreneurs and leaders know their business so well that I learn every time I interact with them. Further, they are relentless in their focus on the experiences they enable.  Finally, they not only love their product they LIVE their product.

Do people really want to carry their consoles and game when “on the road.”
I understand the skepticism.  The answer is a resolute “YES!”

Is there a secret sauce here?
Yes- it’s a combination of superb performance, high-design, and a laser like focus on lifestyle and community.

What do you think the future of the GAEMS product set is?
Without divulging too much, I will say that the future is bright at many different levels.  One is that the rise of mobility actually plays well into the strategy.  Mobility is NOT ONLY mobile phones and small mobile devices. It’s also about portable (or mobile) experiences and being able to have high-fidelity, high-experiential value, deep experiences in settings outside of the home or office.

Second, the team is incredibly creative and the product set they envisage blows away anything that I could have imagined.  Third, This company is for gamers and run by dedicated members of the community; in other words, their fingers are on the pulse of the community.  There’s not much more you need to know!

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