How mobile apps are helping agriculture in achieving sustainable development ?

Technology has become the DNA of every sector and this can also be seen in the agricultural sector. Today the technologies enable agribusiness companies and cooperatives to reach and collaborate with smallholder farmers, capturing all the transactions with the farmers at the field level so that the visibility, traceability, timeliness and accuracy of transactions are improved which helps management in fetching new market knowledge, and at the same time treat farmers fairly and equitably without any opportunities for leakages in the value chain.

In this regard, SourceTrace addresses this issue by bringing the latest technologies to the last mile of agriculture. The SourceTrace ESE Agri Business solution tracks the flow of goods from the source to the central processing facilities even in the world’s most remote areas. Data collected on mobile devices can instantly feed and powerful flow-of-goods analytics that let organization respond to the market instantly whether you are a farmer’s cooperative or a large multi-national commodity company or a government agency.

SourceTrace ESE Benefits:

  • Enhanced productivity of smallholder farmers
  • Quick, efficient farmer payment facilitation
  • Traceability of the produce and enhanced quality control
  • Reduced leakage, eliminated latency and increased trading spreads
  • Real-time business geo-locational reporting
  • Forecasting accuracy and yield management better human resource management
  • Premiums for certified commodities