Mitsubishi Electric supports Make in India initiative with GOC43

Mitsubishi Electric India’s Factory Automation & Industrial Division has recently launched the latest and advanced version of Graphic Operation Controller ‘GOC43’.

It is a compact device that carries an advanced set of features that are suitable for every system design. Designed, developed and manufactured in India, we are supporting the Government of India’s Make in India initiative. GOC43 serves the advanced automation needs of various industries, including automotive, pharma, HVAC, textile, infrastructural segments, etc.

Since 2013, Mitsubishi Electric India’s Research & Development Centre at Pune is supporting and enhancing the development of various Factory Automation products. In our pursuit to achieve high automation standards and business growth for our customers, we are consistently working on solutions and products to increase efficiency.

Key takeaways from the latest launch include the following:

All-in-one controller: GOC43 offers efficient control through Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI), and Annunciator Panel for configuration. It comes with a large memory to handle complex programs and provides aninteractive display.

4.3” touch-screen, 64K colour LCD: The GOC43 comes with a touch-screen display of 4.3” with a Graphical Thin Film Transistor (TFT) LCD Display having 64K colours and 480×272 pixels with an IP65 front panel.

Multi-language support: GOC43 comes with multi-language support, which helps to operate the machines easily. Hindi, English, German, Italian are some of the major languages supported by GOC43.

Integrated flexible design: GOC43 is a compact device and it reduces assembly time by eliminating separate wiring of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Human-Machine Interface (HMIs).

Seamless connectivity: GOC43 supports various protocols offering seamless connectivity with various industrial devices required in digitization projects.

IIoT connectivity: GOC43 offers IIoT connectivity for smart remote monitoring. This feature is coming soon.

Easy customization: The new GOC43 is having a built-in 4 windows annunciator panel. The annunciator panel supports tri-colour illuminated keys with slide-in label operation.

IEC61131-3 programming platform: Powerful programming platform reduces the engineering time. Mitsubishi has included global standards with a single programming platform for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs).

Elaborating on the launch, Hisahiro Nishimoto, Business Unit Head-Factory Automation & Industrial Division, Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt Ltd, said: “Mitsubishi Electric India’s Factory Automation& Industrial Division (FAID) is excited to share reliable and quality products that support the Make in India initiative. GOC43 will fulfill the automation needs of various industries in India. We will keep striving to develop and manufacture high-quality products like GOC43, keeping in mind our Indian customers, and their business growth needs.”

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