Mindtree Announces Integrated Services for Creating Efficient IT

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Mindtree, a global digital transformation and technology services company, has introduced Mindtree Integrated Services. The service combines next-practice methods and tools to tightly integrate infrastructure and applications into a unified foundation that provides up to 30% cost savings from traditional operating models.

Digital is dramatically speeding up the pace of doing business. To stay relevant in this ever-shifting business environment, IT leaders need to run core operations more nimbly while reducing cost and investing more in “grow the business” projects.


Mindtree Integrated Services achieves this by seamlessly tying together different stages of the IT lifecycle by using a single-thread delivery approach and an operating model that aligns processes across IT services and the technology landscape.

This flexible service is customized to leverage the existing technology landscape and introduces new toolsets as required. It applies LEAN principles for greater efficiency while reorienting skills towards full stack engineers. It selects services in a way to optimize productivity, processes and worker performance.

Integrated Services is powered by Mindtree CAPE, a customizable plug-and-play platform that integrates the enterprise technology landscape and accelerates the automation journey. It is equipped with converged capabilities of DevOps and Agile along with technologies like Robotic Process Automation and Cognitive Computing.