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Migrating to Cloud to reduce in-house servers- Suresh Kumar, CIO, Grant Thornton India

Grant Thornton is an independent assurance, tax and advisory firm. It has become one of the well-known assurance, tax, and advisory firms in India. The organization provides robust compliance services and growth navigation solutions on complex financial matters and business through focused practice groups.

2016 has been a great year for the company as it achieved ISO 27001 certification which is important for securing the information assets from threats. It is the international standard that provides precise requirements for a holistic information security management. This helps the organization to manage the security of sensitive assets such as financial data, employee records, intellectual property, customer data, and other information. With the help of this certification the enterprise can enforce information security, which in turn reduces the possible risk of data breaches.

suresh-kumarSuresh Kumar,CIO, Grant Thornton India says that “in 2016, we went live with Business Analytics solution, Tableau for business leaders giving them insights to business opportunities and helping in strategic planning.”

According to him, the top two priorities in 2017 will be :

(1) Automatic more business processes and integrating them in ERP

(2) Migrating more services to Cloud to reduce in-house servers.

The work of CIO in the organization is immense and they work hard in order to build the company. But it doesn’t mean that their sole purpose is to work. When Suresh was asked about one non work related promise that he has made to himself to achieve this year, he said he wants to be regular with his exercise and go on vacation with his family at least twice during the year.

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