Microsoft Windows 10 Will Not Be Available for Free After This Date

Microsoft is adopting a tough stance on the changeover, emphasising that Windows 10 support will end post October 2025

Preeti Anand
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Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 customers worldwide will have to pay to avail the services, as the operating system will no longer be free after 14 October 2025. This substantial change means that users who want to continue using Windows 10 beyond this date must subscribe to Microsoft's cloud-based service, Windows 365. The business is adopting a tough stance on the changeover, emphasising that Windows 10 support will end, and users will no longer receive bug patches, security updates, time zone adjustments, or technical help.


Microsoft Urges People to Accept Windows 11 as successor to Windows 10

Microsoft warned organisations not to run unsupported software, citing potential security vulnerabilities and compliance violations in legacy systems. For consumers who are hesitant to adopt Windows 11, Microsoft has launched the Extended Security Updates (ESU) effort for Windows 10. This program allows customers to subscribe to an annual package of security updates, with the option of renewing for an additional three years. While Microsoft strongly encourages migrating to Windows 11, the ESU provides a viable solution when a rapid switch would be logistically tricky.

It should be noted that ESUs will only cover vital and essential security upgrades, with the subscription excluding novel features, non-security updates requested by the user, and design changes. Furthermore, technical support outside the scope of the ESU will not be offered.


Microsoft's plans for growth include millions of dollars in community investments and enhancements.

There is a silver lining for Windows 365 users: Microsoft has promised that ESUs would be free of charge for Windows 10 devices connecting to a Cloud PC running Windows 11. This strategic integration intends to provide a smooth transition for Windows 365 members while maintaining the security and support of their Windows 10 devices.

Users are encouraged to plan their transfers as Microsoft takes significant measures to influence the trajectory of its operating systems. Failure to do so may expose them to security risks and possibly compliance difficulties related to using outdated software. Users are advised to keep ahead of the curve and chart a course toward a future-proof operating system as the free Windows 10 usage deadline approaches.