Microsoft Targets Enterprises with New OS

Microsoft has announced that its next gen OS Windows 7 enterprise
edition is up for download-all free for 90 days. Enterprises users can
download and get the feel of the OS, the download will give the real
taste of the OS as trail users will get the same features available in
the Microsoft’s volume licensing customers. The trail users
post the download has to activate the OS within ten days of

While many enterprises are still debating on the prospect of migrating
to Windows 7, the free 90 day trail of the enterprise edition is a
strategic move by Microsoft. This will enable CIOs to put to test the
OS in real life scenarios and create proof points on the efficiency of
the new OS. Microsoft is positioning its enterprise edition of Windows
7 as the most advanced OS that can significantly drive down TCO and
increase RoI and usher in high degree of apps manageability and overall
simplified PC environment.

Microsoft in the enterprise edition has made some key innovations to
silence its critics who had glorified on the security loop holes in its
previous editions. Take the case of the Bit Locker feature, which
enables the user to encrypt the USB media like thumb drives and
decrypt. Other features like ‘App locker’ also make
for managing the data more securely. Meanwhile ‘Enterprise
Search Scope’ enables users to experience a federated search
experience making it easier to navigate on reams and reams of scattered
data across the enterprises’ digital assets. There are host
of other innovative features on the enterprise edition of Windows 7.

Will Windows 7 Enterprise edition make it big? The answer cuts across
‘absolutely’ to ‘it depends’
and some of the big enterprise CIOs are bit cautious. According to a
senior technology head of a leading global bank, he says that he had
already invested millions of dollars on desktops and notebooks. His PC
fleet size is close to 75K machines, mostly running XP versions. Any
migration on a size like this would be huge expenditure; hence he says
that unless and until he sees a compelling reason to upgrade, he will
not take the plunge.

It’s a pretty honest feedback but when we look things from a
lesser TCO and greater RoI perspective – the two key deliverables
Microsoft is pitching hard on its enterprise edition can actual bring
down cost in terms of apps and desktop management.  But the
proof of the pudding comes by eating it and with the free trial version
of the enterprise edition of Windows 7 will act a big catalyst for
Microsoft in driving the unique Windows 7 experience to enterprise

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