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Microsoft Outage: Microsoft Outlook and Teams Crashing Say Users, Company Acknowledges Issue

Microsoft Outlook and Teams, as well as other other Microsoft 365 properties have reportedly been crashing in what seems to be a Microsoft Outage. The company has now acknowledged the issue, and is working towards resolving it. Some of the reports received were on Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, Outlook, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Graph. For now, any user who is being serviced by the affected infrastructure may be unable to access multiple 365 services.

“Any reported issues with SharePoint? Currently experiencing slowness and timeouts. Same for our drives mapped via WebDAV,” asks a user. “I also got 503 error message while working with SP this afternoon around 3pm (CET) on an everyday task. I’m not sure whether the origin is a problem in MS servers,” said another. Scores of other have reported issues with Teams.

“Unable to join in the calls and send messages in teams what happened,” asks a student on Twitter who got a message on Teams that says “There was a glitch and we are recovering.” Another user, on a lighter note, said, “Microsoft Teams and Outlook not working, sounds like we’ve been given a free day. Thanks.”

“We’re investigating issues impacting multiple Microsoft 365 services. More info can be found in the admin center under MO502273. We’ve identified a potential networking issue and are reviewing telemetry to determine the next troubleshooting steps. You can find additional information on our status page at or on SHD under MO502273,” said the official account of Microsoft 365.

As per outage tracking webpage DownDetector, over 3700 users have reported the Microsoft Teams Outage in India until now. Users have also been requesting the company to state when they would be able to access the services again. “Hi There, we appreciate your response towards the issue, however it will be useful if we could get a status check or when the issue will be resolved,” asks one such user.

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