Microsoft offers free credit of Azure cloud services for encouraging Indian startups to develop smart city solutions

To help empower modern Indian cities, Microsoft has launched a new initiative for local start-ups that are focused on delivering innovative solutions for smart cities. Working with start-up accelerators, these start-ups can now apply for individual access up to USD 120,000 (INR 80 lakhs) worth of Azure computing to help India’s smart cities explore solutions and run smart city digital pilots.

Cities can also apply for access to these services and solutions on Azure through a new portal which connects start-ups with cities and their needs. This initiative is anticipated to impact over 50 smart cities in the next year through a catalog of over 50 start-ups and ISV solutions.


Under this initiative, Microsoft will offer startups upto $10,000 per month, that’s $120K of free Azure cloud services for 1 year. Startups will also have access to free software and tools such as Visual Studio, Office, Dynamics CRM and hundreds of training courses. Startups will benefit from being a part of a community of startups and technical advisors. These startups will also get an opportunity to connect with enterprise customers.

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