Microsoft and NASSCOM Invite Applications from Students for Online Courses on Artificial Intelligence: Here’s How to Register

Microsoft, in association with NASSCOM, is offering free online courses in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science for students

Microsoft and NASSCOM are currently accepting applications for free online courses in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science for students. Microsoft says that these easy to consume online modules have been designed to equip students with basic artificial intelligence skills and make data fluency an integral part of their learning.

The sessions will be conducted by experts from Microsoft, NASSCOM, and other industry leaders namely Rohini Srivasthava, CTO, Microsoft India; Amit Aggarwal, CEO, IT-ITES sector skill council NASSCOM, Sandeep Alur, director, Microsoft Technology Centre; Sangeeta Gupta, NASSCOM; Rangaraj Vasudevan, CEO, The DataTeam, and guest professor at IIT Madras, and many other such experts. These online classes will be delivered through multiple sessions to the students for free.

How to Register for Microsoft and NASSCOM Free Online Course on Artificial Intelligence

Interested participants need to first register on the official website by choosing a module and slot that is convenient for them. The courses will be conducted from 21 to 26 September. The modules that will be taught to students are as follows: Data Science Basics and Introduction to Microsoft AI Platform, Building Machine Learning Models on Azure, and Building Intelligent Solutions using Cognitive Services.

The easy to consume modules are of 2.5 hours each and include live demos, hands-on experiments, and post-session assignments. Each module will be introduced by leading data scientists and artificial intelligence influencers, which will be followed by 2 hours of learning session and 30 minutes of live Q&A with subject matter experts.

Upon completion of the respective modules, participants can take an online assessment to check their knowledge and receive a certificate of participation for the artificial intelligence skilling workshop. Students can also update their Azure artificial intelligence skills on social media. Those who wish to take the artificial intelligence online course are advised to go through the official website in detail.

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