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Microsoft Layoffs 2023: Here’s Who Could Be Impacted

Microsoft layoffs 2023 is in the news after Salesforce, Amazon, Meta and other multinational giants. According to a Sky News report. The American IT giant is reportedly laying off 5 percent of its staff to combat the economic slowdown that is impacting companies globally. This amounts to a whopping 11,000 employees who may be fired starting this month. Although there is no official confirmation on the matter from Microsoft, media reports state that the layoffs may begin as early as today.

Who Would Be Impacted by Microsoft Layoffs 2023?

According to reports, employees from the following two departments are expected to be served with the pink slips:

  • Engineering department.
  • Human resources.

Major Layoff News Apart from Microsoft Layoffs 2023

The year started on a grim note with companies like Salesforce, Amazon, Meta, Twitter and Goldman Sachs also laying off employees. Amazon, like other IT companies, is presently looking to tackle the growing uncertainty due to the global economic slowdown. Like other IT firms throughout the world, the IT giant has been badly damaged by the continuous wave of recession. After cutting a few thousand job roles in November 2022, Andy Jassy, CEO, Amazon announced through a blog post that 18,000 job roles will be axed in the company.

Close on the heels of Amazon announcing its decision, Salesforce also fired roughly 10% of its entire staff base owing to its weaker sales record and excessive expenditures. “The climate remains tough, and our customers are exercising greater caution in their purchase decisions,” said Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff while adding that the affected employees in the United States would receive almost five months of salary, health insurance, career advice, and other perks to help them stay afloat until they find alternate options.

Twitter on the other hand has been in the news ever since Elon Musk took over the platform. Twitter fired a large majority of its employees globally, and let go of 150 employees in India alone. me of the employees too to Twitter after they were let go to share their experience of working with Twitter so far. “Yesterday was my last day at Twitter: the entire Human Rights team has been cut from the company. I am enormously proud of the work we did to implement the UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights, to protect those at-risk in global conflicts & crises including Ethiopia, Afghanistan, and Ukraine, and to defend the needs of those particularly at risk of human rights abuse by virtue of their social media presence, such as journalists & human rights defenders,” tweeted one such employee Shannon Raj Singh.

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