Microsoft Internship 2021

Microsoft Internship 2021: Applications Invited for 50,000 Virtual Internships, Participation Certificates to be Given

Microsoft internship 2021 is currently underway virtually and there are over 50,000 opportunities available for interested students across the country

Microsoft internship 2021 has been announced, and online applications are being accepted from interested participants on the AICTE TULIP portal for as many as 50,000 opportunities. Microsoft announced the Future Ready Talent program, which is a collaborative virtual internship program for students in their second year of college and upwards. The internship is being offered in partnership with All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), FutureSkills Prime-a NASSCOM and Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) digital skilling initiative, Ernst & Young (EY), GitHub and Quess Corp.

Future Ready Talent is a virtual internship platform with an opportunity to learn the in-demand azure cloud and security skills aligned to industry needs. The program aims at preparing learners to work towards solving business challenges and creating innovative solutions using the power of Microsoft Azure and GitHub tools. Some of the benefits students will experience by attending the program is access to GitHub student developer pack, which includes Azure for Students, discounted certifications, industry sessions, and certificate for successful completion of the internship.

Who Can Apply for Microsoft Internship 2021?

The internship opportunity aims to impact over 1.5 lakh higher education students who will join the workforce between 2022 and 2024. The following participants may apply:

  • Undergraduate students from any specialisation.
  • Should be available for a period of 8 weeks.
  • Applicants must have relevant skills and interests.

The terms of engagement will be as per TULIP Handbook and TULIP Guidelines.

How to Apply for Microsoft Internship 2021?

Students interested to apply for this opportunity will have to do so on the AICTE TULIP portal before 29 September 2021. Applicants will first have to register with the TULIP portal by providing institute name, student Id, name, city of residence, email ID, mobile number, and so on. Once registered, students may log in using their email Id and password to apply for the internship. Those who wish to know more are advised to go through the official website for further information.

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  1. Syeda farha Fatima Zaidi says:

    Good Evening sir
    It is paid internship or free ?

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  3. Sampath says:

    Badvel (town). kadapa (dist).pin:516228

  4. Shaik Ahmed says:

    Hii good morning

  5. Shaik Ahmed says:

    Hii good morning my name is Shaik Ahmed

  6. Aaditya Rana says:

    Iam also interested in this intership.

  7. Kumarapu Sai Prasanth says:

    Ok im interested..

  8. Pallavi Singh says:

    Ignou is aicte affiliate but I can’t apply for internship when i select ignou as my university

  9. Akhila says:

    Thanks for opportunity
    Iam very interesting for Microsoft internship
    Thank you

  10. Sehrish niazi says:

    Hi I’m sehrish niazi and im interested in Microsoft internship 2021

  11. Sehrish niazi says:

    Hi , I’m interested in Microsoft internship 2021

  12. Ganesh avhad says:

    Yes interested

  13. M.Grishma says:

    About internship

  14. Venkat says:

    About internship it is paid or free

  15. Omprkash says:

    After registration what to do?
    I have registered but can’t find anyting about Microsoft internship.

  16. R.Venkat says:

    Internship is paid or free

  17. Vadranapu sai udayasri says:

    Good afternoon myself v.sai udayasri is this internship paid or free

  18. Haris hamid says:


  19. Aditya Garg says:

    I have applied for Microsoft internship. How will you reach us via whatsapp or mail and provide us the details through Aicte tulip portal

  20. Himanshu Sagar says:

    I’m interested

  21. Rima Rani says:

    I wanted to apply for the internship but I am student of MBA distance learning from Amity University 2016-18. My internship is due so i wanted to know am I eligible for this internship.
    Rima Rani

  22. Namisha Laud says:

    I have applied for the internship through future ready talent I need to register through the AICtE portal too. The above given mentioned AICTE as the official website so weather my register through future ready talent counts or not?

  23. Divakar sarika says:

    Hey this internship is totally free but to access github tools you need to currently study in an official collage with id card and thank you

  24. Jyotika Punshi says:

    Interested in internship like this .

  25. Harshith M says:

    I’m interested

  26. Tanmay upalekar says:

    Hey I am from maharashtra, Mumbai
    Currently studying pharmacy
    Interested in Microsoft internship

  27. Shital siddeshwar vankhande says:

    Thanks sir for this information 👍

  28. Hareesha Bandaru says:


  29. Bhushan Sarade says:

    This internship is very important in Future

  30. Suvethaa N says:

    I’m currently pursuing MBA 2021 – 2023 batch.
    Am I eligible?

  31. Bhushan Sarade says:

    This internship is very important for job

  32. Suvethaa N says:

    I’m currently pursuing MBA 2021 – 2023 batch. Am I eligible to apply?

  33. Fatima says:

    I am interested

  34. Fatima says:

    I am interested in this internship

  35. DHIVYA.G says:

    I am interested about this internship

  36. Jyothi says:

    I have done BSc. Am i eligible?

  37. S.tharun says:

    I’m interested…

  38. S.tharun says:

    I’m interested in this in this internship

  39. Deepak Sharma says:

    I ‘m interested

  40. Niyati Khismatrao says:

    Hey I have completed my MSc now m looking for job or internship so I am eligible for this internship or not

  41. Raju Ramrao Jadhav says:

    I am happy

  42. Avantika Srivastava says:

    I am interested and i m 2nd yr student of bba how I can apply?

  43. Priyanka E says:

    How to apply

  44. Ankit Gupta says:

    Im interested And I aslo have work experience

  45. Aman Deep says:

    I am currently in 1st year, can I apply for it?
    I have learned c++ ; DSA

  46. Rohan says:

    Can a student of MSc apply?

  47. Kritika says:

    I am interested

  48. Mamta motwani says:

    Currently doing PGDM 1 st year.
    Am i vaild for this intership

  49. Nisha Pharande says:

    Interested in doing internship

  50. Bhabhor Nikhil says:


  51. Kavitha says:

    Hi .. i have career break of 12 years… Can I apply…
    I have done my MCA thru distance and was working as software developer too…

  52. Manali Mane says:

    I am interested in this internship.

  53. Manali Mane says:

    I am interested in this internship

  54. Ramashankar Tripathi says:

    I am first year student of BCA can I apply for internship.

  55. Deepika Majoka says:


  56. Sachin Hadimani says:

    Part time Or Full time?

  57. Tirth says:

    I am already Registered in official website link given but I don’t find the internship of Microsoft help me anyone plz ask me how to find it ?

  58. Sahil Gautam says:


  59. Sahil Gautam says:

    I want

  60. Kommalapati Jaswanth says:

    Thankyou providing for this wonderful opportunity for youngsters

  61. Zainab Khan says:

    Hello I am interested for this intership program. How can I reach for the application?

  62. Zainab Khan says:

    Hello I am interested for this intership program. How can I reach for the application? Contact me.

  63. Sravanakalyani Vundela says:

    Hi ,

    Iam doing my part time masters also working , I want to know whether Iam eligible to apply for this internship

  64. Humera sharifa says:

    Is the internship done through online or need to visit offline?

  65. Trilokjit Dey says:

    I am Bca 2nd year student at LPU . Can I apply?


    I’m interested

  67. Ayush Sharma says:

    I’m interested

  68. Mukesh pawar says:

    I am interested
    Eligible criteria
    Eligible criteria in passing year in a bachelor of engineering

  69. S BharathRaj says:

    Can 2021 post graduate apply?

  70. Abuzar Ali says:

    Hello..I am interested

  71. Anshu Kumar says:

    I am pass-out in 2017 from electrical and want switch in IT field can I take this internship??

  72. Fatima Jawadwala says:

    how can I register I am really interested

  73. SONAL NARULA says:

    Which courses are provided in this internship

  74. Raginee Chouhan says:

    I have completed my engineering from CS stream in 2016. Can I register for this internship ? If yes, how can I apply ??

  75. Sunny Kumar says:

    Shortcut your life key

  76. Vinita kumari says:

    Hello, I want to apply this internship, but I am a student of B.A pursuing year.
    Can I apply??

  77. Fatima Jawadwala says:

    I am really excited but how to register can someone please help

  78. Hoshil Jobanputra says:

    Hi i would like to apply for it!

  79. Hoshil Jobanputra says:

    I would like to apply! I am an undergraduate doing applied finance!

  80. Divya chandiran says:

    Im intrested about this

  81. AMARNATHA M says:

    Hello sir ,
    Am interested in this internship programme for 8 weeks starting immediately .

  82. ROHIT KUMAR says:

    Hello I am interested for this intership program. How can I reach for the application? Contact me

  83. Monika says:

    Hi, I want to know that anyone can take part in this internship?
    I have done chemistry in 2013 ..
    Can I be applicable for this internship?

  84. Pakalapati Emmanuel Raj says:

    I’m a student from commerce and I’m interested for this opportunity.

  85. K. Anitha says:

    How much should we pay for the internship


    Iam interested for this internship program. Thank you providing for this wonderful opportunity

  87. Pravallika devi boppana says:

    I m very much interested in internship

  88. Yashashri Rathi says:

    Yes Intersted

  89. harshal joshi says:

    How to register on it?

  90. SYAMRAJU says:

    I’m Interested

  91. R. Harish prasath says:


  92. Rajavel k says:

    Hello I am interested for this intership program. How can I reach for the application? Contact me

  93. Divyadharshini. M says:

    I am very much interested for internships… How much we have to pay for it?

  94. Ganesh Kumar says:

    First of all thank you for this information. My background subject is BCA , So I am interested in this internship. Thank You.

  95. R.pavithra says:

    Hlo sir I’m interested in internship program.

  96. Pradeep Kumar G says:

    I am interested but how to register?

  97. G.LOGESHWAR says:

    I’m interested in the internship ✨

  98. Sanjai Krishna .R says:

    I’m interested

  99. Afsal Rahman says:

    I’m interested

  100. Sanjai Krishna .R says:

    I’m not interested

  101. A SRAVAN KUMAR says:

    I am very much interested in intership

  102. R.pavithra says:


  103. Gaddam mamatha says:

    I am interested in internship program.

  104. SNEKA.K says:

    No comments

  105. Hari Prasad H S says:

    I’m interested

  106. AKHIL HASSAN G says:

    No comments

  107. AKHIL HASSAN G says:

    Am intrested in intership

  108. Sakkshi joshi says:

    I am studying BCA
    I am interested

  109. AKHIL HASSAN G says:

    As am intrested in intership its a good opportunity

  110. Sakkshi joshi says:

    I am studying BCA
    I’m interested in this internship

  111. Sakkshi joshi says:

    No comments

  112. Sakkshi joshi says:


  113. Dhanush N says:

    No comments

  114. Sakkshi joshi says:

    I’m interested

  115. Sakkshi joshi says:

    Thank you for this opportunity

  116. SNEKA.K says:

    As am interested in internship

  117. Jothiragul says:

    Interested in internship

  118. K SNEKA says:

    No comments

  119. Jothiragul says:

    Very much interest to internship

  120. Jothiragul says:

    Interst to internship

  121. Jothiragul says:

    Very much interested in internship thank for opportunity

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  125. Radhe Kumar says:

    I am to ready for internship

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  127. Sujitha says:

    Interested in

  128. Sujitha says:

    Interested in internship

  129. DHAKHINI PRIYA.P says:

    I am very interested to attend the internship

  130. Karthikeyan.G says:

    I have very much interested in internship

  131. Ariya.R says:

    Iam very interested to join this internship

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    I’m interested in this internship.How can I register??

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  135. Karthikeyan.G says:

    Interested in internship

  136. DHAKHINI PRIYA.P says:

    No comments

  137. Subhen kumar says:

    I am ready interested

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  139. Ariya.R says:

    No comments

  140. T.mohamed Tawsif Fahim says:

    I’m interested….

  141. Sandhiyapriya says:

    I’m interested

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  143. TARUNIKA K says:

    I am very much interested to do this internship

  144. ABINAYASREE G says:

    Iam very interesting in doing this useful internship.

  145. Divya Dwivedi says:

    I am interested.

  146. KUNJAN says:

    I am BSc (IT) 3rd Year Student and I am interested

  147. Saravanan says:

    Anybody please tell this internship is paid or free and how much duration and online or offline ??

  148. Kanani raj says:


  149. PALAK JAIN says:

    I’m interested.

  150. Ravikiran says:

    Myself RAVIKIRAN I am Interested.

  151. Navaneethakrishnan S says:

    I’m interested

  152. R. Surya says:


  153. ZAID MANSURI says:

    Very much Interested for the internship

  154. sagar koli says:

    Exciting ,Count Me In.

  155. Sundar.R says:

    I’m interested

  156. Omkar J says:


  157. Yellappan. P says:

    Iam interested

  158. Deepak T says:


  159. Deepak T says:


  160. Deepak T says:


  161. Deepak T says:


  162. Deepak T says:


  163. Deepak T says:

    Interest to do it

  164. Deepak T says:

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  165. Deepak T says:

    Happ to do

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  171. Syeeb uddin mallick says:

    I am highly interested

  172. Syeeb uddin mallick says:

    I am interested

  173. Syeeb uddin mallick says:

    I am interested in this .

  174. Syeeb uddin mallick says:

    Wonderful opportunity

  175. Syeeb uddin mallick says:


  176. sindhu says:

    I’m interested

  177. Anand Bhimrao sontakke says:

    I am interested to do internship

  178. Santhoshkumar. P says:

    I am intrastate

  179. Gokul.s says:

    I am interested to do internship

  180. Vetri vel says:

    I’m interested

  181. Sujitha says:

    Interested in internship so that I can get job

  182. M.Latchiavasan says:

    Microsoft Internship is a nice job

  183. M.Latchiavasan says:

    I am interested in Microsoft Internship


    Im interested to do internship

  185. Abdul Rehman.N says:

    I have Interested


    I’m interested in internship.. I’m studying BCA


    I’m interested in internship… I’m studying BCA..

  188. Morongoa Sekotlong says:

    I am currently in South Africa and I will be doing my second year in BCom in Accountancy next year- 2022. I hold a national Diploma in Engineering Metallurgy from the University of Johannesburg. I am very much interested in this internship. I would like to know if I can apply?

  189. Pooja Kumari says:

    I am so many intested for this apportunity

  190. Akshata Krushnanand Mohare says:

    Yess.. I’m prepared for it . please give me once chance

  191. Harshini Sree says:

    Hey this sounds interesting .
    I would love to participate in this internship

  192. Pradeep Kumar says:

    I m interested

  193. Pradeep Kumar says:

    I am interested

  194. Junaid Rahim says:

    I really love to b a part for this internship.

  195. pallavi laxman thoke says:

    it was too amazing or very intresting also & i am too much happy
    that type of internship so,thank you !

  196. AJITHKUMAR R says:

    I would like to join the internship

  197. Sagarika says:

    I am interested

  198. Modiboyina Sreedhar says:

    Iam egarly waiting for like this opportunity

  199. Yash Kansal says:


  200. Guruprakash says:

    Iam interested

  201. Kaushal suri says:

    I am interested.

  202. Ruhul Amin says:

    I am interested, it will a honour to do such internship.

  203. Ruhul Amin says:

    I will be privileged to do this internship.

  204. B SAMEER says:


  205. ANIL says:


  206. Praduman Prajapati says:

    I am interested


    Register for intership program



  209. PALAK JAIN says:

    I’m interested

  210. ASIFA A S says:

    Asifa A S

  211. ASIFA A S says:


  212. D.suga priya says:


  213. D.suga priya says:


  214. D.suga priya says:


  215. D.suga priya says:

    Interested to this

  216. M Thohid says:

    I want to do Internship

  217. Vijaya K says:

    Very much needed

  218. Divya d says:

    I need to join the internship

  219. Osuri Durga bhavani says:

    My strength is My Thinking power, my weekness is sensitive about family, But iam very strong

  220. R. Sasikala says:

    Microsoft internship

  221. D.suga priya says:


  222. D.suga priya says:


  223. D.suga priya says:


  224. Suga priya says:

    This is Suga priya

  225. Suga priya D says:

    This is Suga priya

  226. Suga priya D says:


  227. Suga priya D says:


  228. D.suga priya says:


  229. Arati Wakharkar says:


  230. JOTHIKA.H says:

    Its use ful to us …and it’s good opportunity…

  231. Srivarsha. S says:

    Thank you

  232. Kandula venkata bhargavi says:

    no comment

  233. Keerthika.T says:


  234. Divya chandiran says:

    Im intersted to this

  235. Harini. M says:


  236. Premalatha. R says:


  237. Harini. M says:


  238. Harini. M says:


  239. Harini. M says:

    Not satisfied

  240. Premalatha. R says:


  241. M.Ramya says:

    Useful Microsoft

  242. P. Sabitha says:

    It is very useful

  243. J sathiyavani says:

    I have interested in microsoft

  244. Premalatha. R says:


  245. Swetha.c says:

    Best course

  246. Sumit kumar says:

    I am student , I want to learn this

  247. P.vishva says:

    Interests to lean

  248. Santhosh sivan.S says:

    I want learn and I am engineering student

  249. Srivarsha. S says:

    Thank you..

  250. Modiboyina Sreedhar says:


  251. Muthuvel S says:

    Extremely. Good

  252. Muthuvel S says:



    For experience I want internship and I have interest in it


    I m interesting for internship so I want internship for experience

  255. S. Ahamed apsal says:


  256. S. Ahamed apsal says:


  257. Sharudeenvappu says:


  258. Srivarsha. S says:

    Hoping this will be very useful and helpful

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