Microsoft Enhances Windows 11 with AI-Powered ‘Voice Clarity’ Feature

Microsoft introduced a new Canary test build for Windows 11, which features the Voice clarity feature for better meetings and gaming.

Punam Singh
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Windows voice clarity feature

Windows voice clarity feature

Microsoft has introduced a new Canary test build for Windows 11 that features the 'Voice clarity' feature which was originally exclusive to Surface devices. Voice clarity is now available for all Windows machines including those with ARM CPUs. The feature focuses on improving audio quality during online meetings and gaming by utilizing advanced artificial intelligence (AI) models.


Microsoft has highlighted that Voice Clarity employs low-complexity AI models to filter out background noise, echoes, and reverberation in real-time in its recent blog post. This enhancement is expected to make virtual meetings on platforms like Zoom or Teams more enjoyable by minimizing common audio issues.

The new feature can also be applied to PC games for voice chat, using AI to suppress unwanted background noise and create a clear audio environment for gamers. This aligns with Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to enhance the overall user experience on Windows 11.

One of the key advantages of this feature is its ability to address common challenges faced in virtual meetings such as presenters standing far from their laptops or audio interference from multiple sources. The feature aims to make online interactions more seamless and less distracting by reducing reverb and echo.


Moreover, Microsoft has also emphasized that the Voice Clarity feature is not limited to Surface devices and can be activated by default on all Windows machines. It is compatible with x64 and Arm64 CPUs, requiring no additional hardware for optimal performance.

The Canary Build for Windows 11 has introduced several other noteworthy features along with the introduction of Voice Clarity. Users can now have immediate access to their most recent photos, screenshots, and pictures from connected Android devices directly in the Shipping Tool on Windows 11.

Additionally, the latest build includes support for the USB 80Gbps standard on select devices running on Intel Core 14th Gen HX-series mobile processors.

Microsoft’s integration of the Voice Clarity feature into Windows 11 marks a significant step towards improving virtual communication and gaming experiences, addressing common audio challenges with the power of AI. Users can expect a more immersive environment for online meetings and gaming sessions, along with other enhancements introduced in the latest Canary Build.