Microsoft Announces New Azure Enhancements

Microsoft has introduced new Azure enhancements, to enable enterprises to move their largest workloads into the cloud and run them without any changes, with the best-in-class support for large workloads, and the lowest possible cost.

Microsoft is constantly looking at ways to make it easier for its customer to manage their workloads in the cloud. Earlier, the virtual machine (VM) availability SLA required at least two instances, which presented challenges for some existing on-premises workloads that could not scale-out or where scale and management were expensive and cumbersome. Now Microsoft will be the first major hyper scale vendor to offer an SLA availability commitment on single instance VMs on Azure. This will enable businesses to move even more workloads into Azure and take advantage of the agility of the cloud without compromising on your expectations of availability. For more information about our SLA for Virtual Machines, please visit our SLA page.

The new SLA is a result of extensive work by Microsoft to improve availability of the Azure infrastructure. This includes building innovative machine-learning algorithms to predict failing hardware early and offering premium storage to help improve reliability and performance of attached disks. The new 99.9% single-instance availability SLA will better support applications that cannot easily scale beyond single VMs.

With these announcements, you can deploy even more applications and solutions into Azure with ease, speed, and low cost.

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