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MHRD Offers Online Artificial Intelligence Course for Free to Students

MHRD has invited interested students to take a dedicated artificial intelligence course online for free on the UGC MOOCs portal

The Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD) has invited students to take a dedicated online artificial intelligence course for free. Although the course is open to anyone interested, it can especially be beneficial for postgraduate students who wish to learn more about using artificial intelligence to solve real-world problems. The online course is being offered on the UGC MOOCs portal, which is a vertical of the SWAYAM initiative of MHRD.

Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, Union Minister of HRD, tweeted about the initiative saying “What is AI? How to use AI to solve real-world problems? Find answers to these and many more such questions with a dedicated course on Artificial Intelligence at UGC MOOCs by SWAYAM MHRD. Prepare for the ever-changing world of AI.”

What Does the Free Artificial Intelligence Course Consist Of?

The free online artificial intelligence course comprises of 36 learning modules, and each topic is explained in detail. The modules consist of both e-text (over ten to 14 pages) that can be downloaded in the pdf format, as well as a self-learning video (around twenty minutes) wherein experts from reputable institutions give a lecture on a topic related to artificial intelligence. Furthermore, an option to take a print-out of e-text for students’ convenience is also available.

The modules range across several topics such as: What is AI, what is an AI technique, which problems need AI attention?; State Space Search I and II; Unguided Search methods; Heuristic and other search methods; Problems with search methods and solutions; Genetic algorithm & Travelling salesman problem; Ant Colony Optimization, branch and bound, refinement search; Using Fuzzy logic, Frames and Semantic Netfor knowledge representation; Machine learning and so on.

Those interested to take the course can visit the official UGC MOOCs website to begin learning about artificial intelligence.


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