MetricStream Scales GRC Platform and App Adoption with Global Partner Ecosystem

MetricStream, a leading provider of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Apps, hosted its annual Regional Partner Day event in Bangalore, India on April 24 to ensure that partners are able to derive maximum value from the partnership. The recently concluded Partner Day provided MetricStream partners with exclusive insight into MetricStream’s strategy, product portfolio and roadmap, as well as new opportunities for the partner network at large.

The event brought together key global and regional partners, including the big four consulting firms, large global system integrators, and strong regional service partners, making this a great platform and community for the MetricStream partner ecosystem from across India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Philippines, Czech Republic, UK, UAE and others. The various sessions in the event covered a number of important topics, including MetricStream’s partner strategy, MetricStream GRC platform and cloud apps, Zaplet’s thriving developer ecosystem, Partner enablement program of MetricStream University and MetricStream’s leading content and community portal, ComplianceOnline.

“The past year has seen significant growth with new and existing customers around the world, led by MetricStream partners. By bringing together key stakeholders from across our regional partner network, this event provided a unique forum for our partner community to engage, learn, share knowledge and uncover new business opportunities,” said Shankar Bhaskaran, VP & GM at MetricStream.

In today’s fast-changing risk and regulatory environment, a robust partner ecosystem is critical to the success of our customers. MetricStream’s global partner network provides critical industry knowledge and experience, and plays a key role in helping our customers build world-class GRC programs with MetricStream GRC platform and GRC Apps that support business decision-making and performance.

“MetricStream is witnessing a rising momentum in its partner ecosystem. We are increasingly investing in the success of our partners through triage of enablement, education and execution. Our partner day clearly reflected our partnership momentum and deep engagement our partners are seeking with MetricStream.  Building successful business for our partners is strategically important to MetricStream,” said Rohit Bedi, Senior Vice President, Global Partnerships at MetricStream.

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