MetricStream Architecture Summit Ideates Governance, Risk and Compliance Apps for Digital Organizations of Tomorrow

Disruptive technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, mobile, and social media are transforming the way business is done. Alongside these shifts in technology, MetricStream, a player in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) apps, is proactively innovating, enhancing, and creating new products and technologies that will support the successful GRC journeys of tomorrow’s digital organizations.

MetricStream recently held its annual MetricStream Architecture Summit in Bangalore from March 25-27, which brought together senior technology leadership members across MetricStream Labs, R&D, Cloud and Professional Services. This year’s event focused on ideating and developing a next generation GRC App Architecture based on the tenets of Pervasive GRC, cloud, and simplicity. As MetricStream GRC Cloud adoption continues to accelerate across customers, the Architecture Summit also assessed MetricStream’s product architecture for heightened information security, data governance and scalability requirements as GRC apps get more embedded in the fabric of the business. The Summit also explored new trends in user experience, consumerization, mobility and information architecture.

The Architecture Summit, now in its third year, is pivotal in ensuring that technology trends, market and customer feedback converge into MetricStream apps as it is designed, developed, and delivered. Vidya Phalke, CTO, MetricStream said, “As MetricStream continues to expand its customer base in over 30 countries, our annual MetricStream Architecture Summit is an extremely important checkpoint in our product methodology and roadmap.” He continued, “This year’s event brought together leaders from our MetricStream Labs, R&D, Cloud and Professional Services teams who are critical in ensuring our products continue to meet the diverse and evolving risk and compliance requirements of our customers across geographies and verticals.”

Plans for key architectural advances were made were around three areas – standardization of RESTful APIs across applications to enable rapid GRC Journey adoption; mobile middleware declarative abstraction to increase the rapid development and personalization native Mobile Applications; and an advanced declarative security model that enhances the extensibility of the existing  Federated Architecture. In past years, some of the offerings that came out of the MetricStream Architecture Summit included the Spreadsheet Controls Management App and M2, the middleware for MetricStream’s Native Mobile Apps.