Meet the man bringing Israel’s DeepTech solutions to Indian businesses

Vaishnavi Desai
New Update
SAP Labs India

Saket Agarwal, aka ‘YourIsraelGuy’ in the startup and technology ecosystem, has been instrumental in building the India-Israel DeepTech Corridor, bringing in the best of deep technology to the benefit of Indian startups.


The startups and enterprises with the massive use of DeepTech have improved their bottom line – cost is a key area for optimisation as technology companies scale in size and business.

Founded in 2015, Onnivation is building an ecosystem of innovation led by DeepTech solutions for some of India’s largest companies. Partnering with some of Israel’s leading technology companies, Onnivation has brought benefits of DeepTech solutions to its Indian customers. 


The primary value proposition of DeepTech solutions, is that it empowers an enterprise to innovate without compromising on quality, at a reasonable cost.

In this episode of DeepTech Studio, Agarwal gives us a ring side view of the India-Israel corridor and how the ecosystem will benefit Indian businesses.

Agarwal also discusses the following points:

  1. How traditional, legacy businesses can benefit from DeepTech?
  2. 1/5th of Indian tech-start-ups using DeepTech solutions. Why DeepTech solutions are increasingly becoming the go to solution for 25+ Unicorns in the country?
  3. Israel as we know is a cybersecurity powerhouse of the globe and has made great strides in security innovation. But now there we hear Israel being one of the primary DeepTech clusters too. What factors are influencing the growth of DeepTech?
  4. How the India-Israel Tech Corridor is transforming applications of technology in India and his role in it.