MDH Tightens Operations with Eazy ERP

Mahashian Di Hatti Limited is known as MDH Group. MDH Ltd is an Indian manufacturer, distributor and exporter of ground spices and spice mixtures under the brand name MDH. It specializes in several unique traditional blends of spices suitable for different recipes. Client’s corporate office is situated in Kirti Nagar, New Delhi. The company was founded in 1919.It has since grown in popularity all over India, and exports its products to several countries.

Production Process
The company has Hi-tech production plant located in heart of Haryana and Rajasthan. It does the manufacturing process by their own machines and maximum manufacturing processes are in-house. The job work is done as and when required on minimum basis.

We cannot imagine our daily routine business transactions without Eazy ERP. It’s the heart and lungs of our business. Manufacturing wastage is decreased by 1.5% after implementation of Eazy ERP software. Eazy ERP has helped us minimize our material holding cost. Eazy ERP has complete functionality from Customer Enquiry to Dispatches which gives growth and improves operational efficiency, as well as maintains accurate information to make better decisions. EBS provided contractual highly skilled manpower which gives us confident working on marvelous software. We are greatly impressed by the professional attitude shown by EBS team,” said Pankaj Srivastava | Head Commercial & Accounts (Gurgaon) MDH Ltd.

Challenge before Eazy ERP Implementation
Management of MDH Group said that “No view of available stocks, uninformed production planning and raw material scoping, inability to identify best suitable vendor, separate entries to be made in inventory, order entry and invoicing packages leading to duplication of effort, no data security leading to data tampering.”

Prior to implementing Eazy ERP, the company relied on a local software application with separate packages for accounting and inventory to maintain stocks and generate invoices. Since the inventory and accounting packages were not linked to each other the entries had to be made separately into each of them causing duplication of labor and leaving room for human error. There were also some serious data security issues with this software as any user could delete entries once the invoice was generated.

After understanding the status of IT infrastructure and requirements, Mr. Kunal Singhal, MD of Eazy ERP and his team offered a comprehensive yet user friendly solution to MDH. “We offered and implemented Eazy ERP which is a highly scalable and modular application provides high data security and real time inventory control. It also supports multiple currencies and features a strong reporting tool. Modules are closely interlinked with each other so that a small change in one module results in a corresponding change in the related fields of the other modules as well,” says Mr Kunal Singhal.

Real time inventory control ensures that production is done accurately and the correct quantity of raw material is ordered at the right price from the right vendor. Tight integration between the various modules eliminates duplication of efforts and a high level of data security prevents data tampering. Customer relationship is stronger just because of Sales module and timely delivery. Reports are generated automatically in the required format.

High Data Security
In the earlier system it was possible for the user to delete an entry after the corresponding invoice has been posted leading to discrepancies in the books. There was no system of laying checks and measures to prevent data tampering by the user. Eazy ERP has predefined access and security definitions that allow the user to only add entries and prevent him from making edits and deletions to preexisting entries once the invoice has been posted. Only the administrator is given the powers to modify security settings and access controls. Complete view of the data is accessible only to the manager. This ensures that the business process is stringent and streamlined and as a result the auditing process is a lot easier and less time consuming.

Pain Area Resolved by Eazy ERP
Eazy ERP – F&B vertical is a complete software solution designed and developed to cater the specific business and regulatory needs of food and beverage industry. It rests on the solid foundation gained from experience as Eazy ERP, a leader in process ERP. Our Food ERP software has in built dynamic functionalities that provide complete control over recipe and formula, the most important and critical activity of the Food and Beverage manufacturers.

  • Control on “Unit of Measurement – Weight & numbers” at the time of Inward Material and Dispatch Material.
  • Serial Number tracking from Raw Material to Grinding and Grinding to Powder (FG).
  • Batch wise production tracking.
  • Lot traceability
  • MRP Define at the time of Last Stage of Production.
  • Critical Sales Invoice – Scheme and Dealer Margin (Roll Back Calculation)
  • Multiple Rates (MRP) of Same Item in one Invoice.
  • Expiry Date Control
  • BOM level consumption
  • Quality Check with various parameter – Inward material / In-process material / Post Process material
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Customer Order Tracking
  • Rejection Tracking
  • Stock Movement Control between multiple manufacturing units.
  • Automatic Stock Valuation.
  • Bar Code at Inward / Process / FG level
  • MIS Reports.

Generate Reports from Eazy & Tally Software
Once the product has been delivered to the customer, the sales person is responsible for collection of payments from the customer and is entitled to his sales commission only after the pending amount is collected. Using Eazy ERP integrated with tally software a customer ledger can be automatically generated to provide the sales person with an accurate report of the number of invoices due as of date. It is also possible to generate reports on item wise pending orders for manufacture and pending orders for delivery to customers using the Columnar Reporting tool in Eazy ERP, which can dynamically extract data from the database to generate reports in the required format.

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