Maximl to digitalize last-mile operations in refineries for Indian Oil Corp

Maximl has inked a $1Mn deal to digitalize last mile operations across all 9 IOCL refineries for two years.

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Maximl, India’s first connected worker platform for deskless workers announced that it won a contract of $1Mn from Indian Oil Corporation to digitalize the last mile operations for turnaround processes for the next two years across all its 9 refineries. The platform has previously configured the needs of IOCL across two deployments at Panipat and Haldia Refineries, leading to an enterprise-wide demand.


The connected worker platform for turnarounds by Maximl has pioneered digital turnarounds in India and has digitalized over 50 turnarounds in the Indian refining sector. The platform helps refineries unlock the potential for productivity improvements of the large frontline workforce by more than 5 percent and reduce risk of safety incidents and delays that can save 2-4 crores in a turnaround by averting delays arising out of rework, improved decision making based on real-time data and quicker signoffs during startups. The company plans to execute almost 70% of all turnaround digitalization in the Indian refining sector in this financial year.

On the collaboration, Manish Arora, COO, Maximl said, "We, at Maximl, believe in the human-centric view of Industry 4.0. In the next few years, the saturating productivity, quality and safety metrics can be pushed significantly by digitalizing the last mile and integrating the on-field workforce with technology. Turnarounds are very complex and always tends to go over schedule. Our platform has been configured to the needs of IOCL across previous deployments at Panipat and Haldia refineries, where have been able effectively demonstrate the transformation of the turnaround management practices.”

Periodically, refineries need to have preventive maintenance, renovations, or technological upgrades. These periodic circumstances allow the refineries to ensure safe & efficient operations, stay competitive and meet government regulations.  Such planned events are called turnarounds that require the refinery to shut down all or part of the refining production.  Most refineries go through a turnaround every two to four years. Some turnarounds take a few weeks to complete. Others, that involve major upgradation work, may need a few months. The most recent driver for turnarounds across the country has been the move from BS IV to BS VI standards.


The benefit of applying Maximl’s built-in-India platform have been experienced by most of the refineries and process companies in India and SEA. It helps connect project managers and planner with the large deskless workforce.

Maximl’s solution:

  1. Enables real-time monitoring of projects with data coming directly from the field across multiple sites. It provides improved visualization of project control metrics.
  2. Establishes a single source of truth connecting all the workforce on a single platform to speed up the execution of the project and prevent any miscommunication.
  3. Reduces paper movements and helps IOCL go paperless using the no-code capabilities of the platform, rapidly digitalizing workflows like issue management, safety walks, etc. and at the same time automates various reports associated with the turnaround and saves time thereby improving productivity.