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Matrix-IFS partners with FICO to offer advanced anti-financial crime solutions

Silicon Valley analytic software firm FICO announced that Matrix International Financial Services (Matrix-IFS) is now a FICO Reseller and Implementation Partner for the FICO TONBELLER Siron Anti-Financial Crime Solutions for anti-money laundering, regulatory compliance and tax compliance. The initial focus of the partnership will be in the U.S.

“FICO TONBELLER’s offerings bring new, innovative solutions to hundreds of financial services firms and institutions,” stated Renan Levy, CEO, MATRIX-IFS. “This partnership adds to our overall strategy of identifying and applying the best and most effective technologies and methodologies to help financial services firms and banks meet strict new regulations, gain efficiencies and protect the reputations of their institutions.”

Matrix-IFS is a leading provider of world-class business and technology solutions to the financial industry. Its focus is in the areas of compliance, financial risk, fraud prevention, business intelligence and cyber crime. Matrix-IFS was recently named to the top 10 risk and compliance solution providers for 2016 by Banking CIO Outlook. The firm has offices in the US, the UK and Israel.

“Matrix-IFS brings a tremendous amount of experience and thought leadership to the fight against financial crime,” said Torsten Mayer, vice president for compliance solutions at FICO. “We believe our solutions can give financial services firms and banks the most powerful implementation of a risk-based approach.”

FICO TONBELLER’s Siron Anti-Financial Crime Solutions suite consists of flexible and highly integrated software modules for anti-money laundering, tax compliance, counter-terrorism financing, end-to-end know your customer (KYC) and other issues to provide a risk-based approach out-of-the-box. The Siron suite is part of FICO’s portfolio of solutions for fraud and financial crime, which also includes the FICO Falcon Fraud Platform, protecting more than 2.6 billion payment cards worldwide. FICO acquired TONBELLER in early 2015.

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