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Two people in a small kiosk at a local supermart want you to try out the new

breakfast cereal being launched by a popular food maker. There would be many

such stalls and people distributing samples across the country, and at some

point, across many countries around the globe. We have all been through such an

encounter, probably even till very recently. But can we ever imagine the same

thing happening over the mobile phone? Yes, we can.


In early this January, Kraft Foods tied up with YOC to create a mobile

campaign to promote the launch of its new instant coffee products, Jacobs 3in1

and Jacobs 2in1, in the USA. The aim was to minimize sampling wastage and

associated costs, and achieve accuracy in the research. The campaign is a mix of

traditional media with an intention to conveniently provide consumers a way of

ordering samples of the coffee via mobile. The campaign was launched across

print, TV and mobile. The results: 500,000 samples were placed directly among

the target group and more than 80,000 users registered their details for

permission-based marketing in the future. And thats just the beginning of the

success of the campaign.

Mobile marketing is here to stay.

At home, there is a strong and definite move toward mobile marketing. From

the use of technology, including the ubiquitous cell phone, to reach out to

vote-banks by political parties, campaigning for social causes, or even the

annual sale notifications by popular brands that fill our inboxesthe change is

visible and affecting us.


Hard to Ignore

Traditional forms of advertising continue to be where clients and

advertisers put maximum money. But the mobile is a powerful communications

device with respect to mobility, reach, and immediacy, and this is becoming hard

to ignore. The numbers also say that the scope is immense: with 2.4 bn mobile

phones sold around the world last year and 350 bn text messages exchanged across

the world mobile networks every month, promotion and branding through mobile to

soon become mainstream is topping future predictions.

Popular Mobile Marketing Trends
  • Search services through SMS: movie show

    timings, dictionary definitions, phone book listings, and product prices,

  • Ringtones, ringback tones, etc, of movies,

    music albums, television shows, etc
  • Instant news through SMS, RSS feed on the

    mobile phone
  • Election campaigns, governance-related

    surveys and polls
  • Public service ads, campaigns
  • Social networking meets mobile SMSes/WAP
  • In-game mobile marketing
  • Location based services
  • Bluetooth marketing

And with Internet reaching out to mobile handsets and networks, the impact

becomes manifold. PC Internet led the way to an interactive and instant medium.

The mobile Internet is all that along with instant gratification. Here lies its

strength and business proposition for advertisers.


Data Bytes
  • 2.4 bn mobile phones sold around the world

    last year
  • More mobile phones than PCs in the world
  • 350 bn text messages exchanged across the

    world mobile networks every month
  • 15% of mobile subscriber are on the GPRS

  • Integrating Web services on the mobile

    medium is the future of the mobile
  • Global mobile advertising revenue to grow

    from $4,586 mn in 2008 to $7,375 mn in 2009, with a forecast growth of up

    to $19,149 mn in 2012

Mobile marketing is very location-based and targeting is simpler. Revenue

sharing will happen because it is not an open ecosystem, but it may change with

the Internet. The faster the Internet penetration the sooner the revenue sharing

equation will change, says Vinay Goel, head of products, Google India.

It was not until now that we have started recommending the mobile as a

medium of communication, simply because people didnt know how to, says Nihar

Das, regional managing partner, Mediacom.


A study by eMarketer in 2008 shows a positive growth in global mobile

advertising revenue from $4,586 mn in 2008 to $7,375 mn in 2009, with a forecast

growth of up to $19,149 mn in 2012. Mobile search advertising, mobile display

advertising and mobile message advertising would be the three main pillars

driving industry growth.

Mobile Marketing is the most upcoming medium for advertisers and marketers

globally. The current technology is fully capable of adjusting to the connection

speeds and type on connectivity. The advertising engine adapts to basic GPRS,

Edge, 3G or 4G and displays advertisements accordingly. Most handsets in India

currently support basic mobile browsing and thus a large number of traffic

originates from India, says Sanjay G, founder, mobiSolv.

The Nike campaign

hoarding at Times Square, New York City

Having 300 mn mobile subscribers in India brings the opportunity for

advertisers to go where nothing else canthe rural belt. We have seen more

downloads happening from small towns and rural areas than in metros because in

the metros people are exposed to multiple medium. For promotion campaigns in

rural parts of the country, we have even used unicode which has had a great

impact, says Saurabh Vartikar, vice president, Mauj.

Integration is Key

Choosing mobile as a medium of advertising and marketing is mainly to

overcome the disconnect that lies in traditional advertising methods. So as

SMSes or even WAP portal ads result in providing anytime, anywhere information

to customers, Internet is taking that to the next level and enabling them to

take action with that information immediately. The growth of Web usage on the

mobile, and especially smartphones, has greatly given a fillip to mobile

marketing, and helped it come out of its pull-based SMS advertising image to a

certain extent.

Companies with a physical presence in the form of stores, catalogs, websites,

and even those related directly to people will be able to leverage mobile

marketing to extend their presence. With the coming of 3G, marketing through

location based servicespromotions and information based on the location of the

customerswill have a direct impact on the point of sales. To know about

discounts being offered by restaurants in the area that you are in would be of

more relevance than getting generic SMSes about sales and discount at

restaurants on the other side of the city!


Advertisers have seen higher results through mobile advertising on WAP

portals than on the Internet. Explaining this, Asif Atif, CTO, Mobile Worx says,

The results through mobile marketing have been modest, though not a paradigm

shift. Click through rate on the mobile is much better than on the Internet.

Roughly, Internet has a click through rate of below 1% while mobile has

somewhere between 1-7%. He believes that thanks to the mobile and new and

innovative applications, consumers can have access to services for free because

someone else is paying for it (advertisers).

Prevailing Trends

A Nike hoarding on Times Square, New York City called people to SMS ideas of

shoes, that would then be customized, click and put-up at that very spot. The

designs selected were given free to the creator. The idea was compelling, easy,

and eye-catching, and all enabled by an SMS short-code and human creativity.

Needless to say, the mobile promotional activity was a sweeping success.

Major companies are taking up mobile marketing and coming closer to the

households. Retail giants, banks, insurance agencies, and even medicos are using

the mobile to club services with marketing. When customers SMS a balance query

to their banks, it is likely that the information is provided along with new

schemes. A GPRS connection will further enhance the experience and effect.


Mobile integrated events as a mobile marketing tool, where users write in

comments or send ideas about products, design or people are fast becoming

popular. Mobiles for election campaigns have also become popular. An NGO

recently used the mobile SMS mode to invite Mumbaikars to form a human chain to

show solidarity against the Mumbai terror attacks. Here the interpersonal,

intimate, and interactive traits of the mobile are being used to the

advertisers and campaigners advantage.

Nihar Das of Mediacom says that the growth of mobile marketing has just begun

for countries like India, Indonesia, and the Philippines. But since the PC

Internet penetration is so low in these countries, the only means to reach the

rural areas would be through mobile phones that now commonly come with GPRS

enabled in them.

Sunrise advertisers like insurance will drive the mobile marketing growth,

says Das. Traditional advertisers like FMGC will like to incorporate mobile into

cross-media marketing mix in order to differentiate themselves from competition.

Maujs Vartikar says that in the future a lot depends of 3G. We are really

waiting for 3G. While initially there wont be much activity, but gradually,

mobile commerce, mobile coupons and location based services are going to be the

next big things in mobile marketing.

Not there Yet, and Why

Mobile marketing is however fairly a newcomer in the mobile ecosystem driven

by its advantageous characteristics of high reach and personalization, yet

fumbling when it comes to how best to leverage those characteristics.

Though there is a shift toward mobile Internet-based marketing, the focus

remains on SMSes. Whether messages sent proactively to inform loyal/existing

customers on schemes that might benefit thempush-based, or messages that are

sent randomlypull-based, junk SMSes are as common. Though both push and

pull-based ads are found while navigating WAP portals as well, the user

perception differs greatly. For the success of mobile marketing, and to both

gain and retain user confidence, assuring them of their privacy should be

top-of-mind. Also, marketing that will improve their lifestyle and productivity

will be a success.

Unethical and un-solicited SMS sending has been providing a bad reputation

for the marketers, but mobile Internet browsing is totally user dependent with

no invasion of privacy. It works on the pull mode and displays advertisements

only when the users are browsing similar to Internet browsing. This is another

reason, mobile Internet-based advertising is more acceptable to advertisers and

marketers, says Sanjay of mobiSolv.

It is predicted that even as mobile Internet grows, mobile text messaging

will still play an important role in 2009, especially for a country like India

where 3G is yet to make a difference.

According to Vartikar, Mobile is a tactical media; it is supportive. So

branding is difficult. But because it is intimate and impulsive, it is very

effective for promotional activities. As of now, majority of brand names

jumping into the mobile marketing space are using SMS as the first and major

step toward mobile marketing.

For Das, effectiveness of mobile marketing is not in campaigns. Mobile

advertising will work best only when there is a chance for it to convert into

transactions. It is effective once it can be converted into a purchase.

Asif Ali, CTO, Mobile Worx says that the next three years are big for the

mobile marketing space. Mobile has been seen as an additional or supportive

medium, but in the three years companies would allot 20-25% of their advertising

to the mobile, predicts Ali.

As with all marketing tools and media, a profitable proposition is the one

that takes into account user privacy and relevance. User consent can work in

favor of the service provider and advertiser as they can bring them

personalized, timely and relevant information by means of ads and services

togethera reason that would eventually lead to mobile marketing and information

working hand-in-hand.

Shikha Das

ACL Wireless

CEO: Sanjay Goyal

Year of Start-up: 2000

Target Customers: Telcos, consumers, agencies, enterprises

Address: ACL Wireless Limited, First Floor, Tower D, Logix Technopark,
5-Expressway, Sec-127 Noida - 201 301, India

Tel: 20 4069400

Fax: 120 4069599


Positioning: ACL Wireless is a

leading provider of mobile value added services. Headquartered in India, it

employs over 250 people and was founded in the year 2000. ACL offers a wide

range of SMS, IVR and GPRS-based applications and services to mobile

operators, enterprise and consumers. The company specializes in the

development of consumer centric mobile community applications and managed

mobility services. ACLs portfolio of products include mobile instant

messaging, mobile social networking, mobile chat, SMS broadcast and alerts,

SMS and voice short codes, carrier agnostic connectivity, ring-back-tones,

voice and WAP portals, and mobile content aggregation amongst others. These

products and services are deployed on more than 30 mobile networks in over

20 countries across India, Middle East, Africa, South East Asia and Latin


CEO: Rory Buckley

Year of Start-up: 2007

Target Customer: Telcos

Address: Vatika Tower, Ground Floor, Block B, Sector 54, Golf Course Road,
Gurgaon122 002, Haryana, India

Tel: 124 4646100


Positioning: Acision is the

worlds leading messaging company, providing communication solutions for

over 300 network operators and service providers globally. The company

enables more than 300 customers to serve over 1.5 bn consumers in 135

countries across six continents. It delivers more than half of the worlds

text and multimedia messages and serves three quarters of all videomail

users. Acision was the first company to enable management decision making

based on real time analysis of subscriber behavior. Its mobile payment

systems have enabled global customers to secure more than $100 bn of


CEO: Vivek Mannige

Target Customer: Enterprises

Address: 305, Pride Kumar Senate,Senapati Bapat Road, Pune - 411 016

Tel: 020-6603-3122 / 2565-2550


Positioning: AccelTree Software

focuses on delivering quality software which enables customers run their

business with maximum efficiency. AccelTrees core specialization is in

mobile enterprise applications. AccelTrees team of technologists comprises

software architects, engineers, localization consultants and domain experts.

AccelTree uses its expertise in the mobility and

Java space to build bespoke solutions using its FRED Mobile Framework. It is

a rapid application platform for building and deploying cell phone-based

applications that can be used enterprise-wide. It helps build applications

that are Web-based, involve workflows and interact with multiple back-end


Active Media Technology

MD India: Raj Singh

Target Customers: Telcos, enterprises, agencies

Address: A-61, Sector - 57, Noida-201301, UP, India

Tel: 120 4078000


Positioning: Active Media

Technology is involved in deploying mobile coupons, vouchers, loyalty

solution, tickets and m-CRM solutions. They have the credit of delivering

and redeeming the most number of mobile coupons in the world. Their mobile

marketing technology and campaign solutions enable clients to target brand

messages and content, improving the effectiveness of marketing spend through

the mobile medium.Their patent pending RAPOS (Redemption at POS) technology

is a scalable product suite that is already powering the entire UK cinema

industry, leading operators, media companies, global brands and retailers.
Atom Technologies

CEO: Jignesh Shah, CEO

(Financial Technologies)

Year of Start-up: 2006

Target Customers:


Address: Dipti Classic, 6th floor, Suren Road, Chakala, Andheri East, Mumbai
- 400093. India.

Tel: 91 22 67698300


Positioning: Atom Technologies

is a mobile payments service provider. Focusing on innovative use of

technology in the mobile transactions ecosystem, Atom Technologies has

created multiple patent pending products and services for mobile payments,

mobile banking for the unbanked, IVR-based payments and mobile based service

distribution framework. Atom Technologies is an initiative of The Financial

Technologies Group. A group that pioneered the creation of high transaction

density backbone and solutions for financial intermediaries and digital

marketplaces globally.
Bharti Telesoft

CEO: Manoranjan Mohapatra

Year of Start-up: 1999

Target Customers: Telcos, handset manufactures

Address (HO/India HO): F-13, Okhla Phase-1, New Delhi- 110 020, India.

Tel: 11 41611666


Positioning: Bharti Telesoft is

the leading provider of integrated VAS solutions for mobile operators in

emerging markets. Its broad portfolio of offerings reflect the demands and

opportunities of the growing mobile marketplace: mLifestyle and mCommerce

solutions, core VAS applications that differentiate the operator in

increasingly competitive markets. With the recent acquisition of Jataayu, a

leading provider of mobile Internet applications, Bharti Telesoft now

supports operator differentiation via its Jataayu Mobile Device Solutions

portfolio of applications, working with handset manufacturers to create

interfaces and services that deliver a competitive edge. Among the top 3

global providers of integrated VAS solutions in rapidly growing markets,

Bharti Telesoft has deployed solutions for over 100 mobile operators in over

70 countries worldwide. Its solutions help power services to over 500 mn

mobile subscribers globally.
Buzzcity Technologies

CEO: Dr Lai Kok Fung

Year of Start-up: 1999 (Singapore HQ)

Target Customers: Enterprises, consumers, telcos, ad agencies

Address (India HO): 04, Makani Centre, Off Linking Road, Bandra (W),


Positioning: BuzzCity runs a

community-based mobile advertising network, and owns and builds myGamma.comthe

worlds largest mobile social networking community. The advertising network

has over 2,200 most popular WAP sites of the world and has over

3.1 mn users across the globe. The advertising network provides advertisers

an exclusive opportunity to reach out to a huge unwired population across

the globe and manage/control their advertising campaign with targeting

parameters as Country, Time Zone, Telco/Operator, Region, Handsetmake,

device and patform along with a day budget and a completely DIY advertiser

CanvasM Technologies

CEO: Jagdish Mitra

Year of Start-up: 2006

Target Customers: Enterprise, consumer, telcos, ad agencies

Address: A-20 Sector-60 Noida 201 301 UP, India

Tel: 120-400-8920


Positioning: A player in the

mobile VAS space, CanvasM is focused on developing and deploying VAS

solutions, applications and platforms for its clients. It specializes in

end-to-end enabling of solutions with managed services which bring together

content, technology and device expertise to ensure an enhanced digital

experience to customers of telcos, media houses and enterprises. CanvasM

leverages the telecom expertise of Motorola with the system integration

capability of Tech Mahindra. CanvasMs offerings are spread across the

domains of entertainment, digital promotion, network and utility VAS. It

also houses an innovation center and testing lab which enables hosting and

rapid prototyping of applications helping companies take their products to

market faster.
Cellcast Interactive

CEO: Pankaj Thakar

Target Customers: Media/agencies, consumers

Address: PO Box No 16338, Delisle Road Post Office, Mumbai-400 013


Positioning: Cellcast

Interactive India is into developing integrated participation content in the

fast-growing Indian mobile and interactive TV market. Its primary product is

Bid2Win, which has already received 30 mn responses from 2.5 mn individuals

in a span of one year. Cellcasts content is distributed on new as well as

traditional media with real-time participation enabled through SMS, IVRs,

Web, WAP & 3G. With TV as mass medium and Print, Internet & Radio too used

extensively. Cellcasts content has strong revenue generating capabilities.

Cellcast India has already created a strong track record in this arena, and

has rapidly growing operations in several countries like Sri Lanka, and

Cellebrum Tech

CEO: Saket Agarwal

Target Customers: Enterprises, telcos

Address: Sector-1, Parwanoo, Distt Solan (HP) 173 220

Tel: 01792-232368; 01792-232369


Positioning: Cellebrum

Technologies is into the business of operating in the Wireless Applications

space, developing innovative applications and also wireless-enabling the

existing ones. They are involved and focused in two major areas: wireless

applications development and wireless applications. Uniquely positioned as

one of the foremost company in Asia Cellebrum provides a complete set of

services and implementation skills for converging technologies, such as

telecommunications, mobile phones and the Internet (e-commerce). They have

the capability and competency to provide end-to-end solution for diverse

technological setups.
Cellnext Solutions

CEO: Aspy D Mehta

Year of Start-up: 2001

Target Customers: Enterprises, telcos, media agencies

Address: Cellnext Solutions A-186, Okhla Phase-I, New Delhi-110020, India

Tel: 011 26818445


Positioning: Cellnext is a

next-generation end-to-end enabler of mobile value added services for mobile

operators, media companies, content providers, enterprises and others. A

subsidiary of the $500 mn Escorts Group and a leading provider for mobile

connectivity, applications, solutions, content and services, Cellnext was

established in year 2000-01 and works with all major telecom operators and

large enterprises like Airtel, Idea, Reliance, American Express, LIC, UTI

Bank, ICICI Bank, Citibank enabling all the players in the value chain to

deploy value added services quickly and cost effectively. Cellnext has

expertise across telecom connectivity bearers like SMS, IVR, MMS,GPRS and

has available a range of mobile applications to be deployed on such bearers.
Four Interactive

Co-Founders: Kiran Konduri and Shriram Adukoorie

Year of Start-up: 2006

Target Customers: Enterprise, consumer

Address (India HO): #1132, 4th Floor, 100ft Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar,
Bangalore-Tel: 91 80 4040 7777


Positioning: Four Interactive is

focused on building easy-to-use services that are at the intersection of the

mobile, content and the online world for Indian consumers. Asklaila is

Indias local information service, launched by the Bangalore-based start-up.

Asklaila provides accurate local information along with user-generated

content that presents interesting perspectives. Asklaila allows users to

search, discover and evaluate local services and businesses. Their service

is present in six cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata,

Hyderabad and Bangalore. Asklaila launched its mobile service via both SMS

(58989) and WAP ( to make local information easily accessible

the customers on the move. Asklaila entered into a strategic partnership

with Airtel to provide multi modal and multi platform local search service

to all Airtel customers.

CEO: Dr Vinod Vasudevan

Target Customer: Brands, telcos, agencies, consumers

Address: 2nd Floor, Amstor Building Technopark, Trivandrum - 695 581, Kerala,

Tel: 471 270 0101


Positioning: Flytxt is the

leading technology provider for Mobile Marketing 2.0. Neon, the

carrier-class integrated mobile marketing platform from Flytxt enables

mobile operators and service providers to unlock the huge potential of

mobile as a customer engagement channel.

Flytxt was founded by mobile marketing

experts with over nine years of domain experience. They pioneered the mobile

marketing agency business with many successful projects like Orange

Wednesdays and Cadbury Txt n Wins. Flytxt has won several awards from

reputed industry forums including MMA Global for its path breaking

innovations and mobile marketing campaigns.

Greycell Mobile

CEO: Siddhart Vyas

Target Customer: Telcos, enterprises

Address: 30, Ambica Society, Usmanpura, Ahmedabad 380015, Gujarat

Tel: 9898441122


Positioning: Greycells business

model features the development and marketing of products and services for

the mobile VAS space. The company aims to offer applications, products and

services that will help establish a goal of convenient, affordable, reliable

and effective communication services that can be accessed any time, any

place and just in time. Whether it be music, video, information, news or

value added services, the services are offered across platforms. Expertise

involve content managed services, gateways, SMSC, mobile alerts engine,

integrated communication services, mobile video delivery, etc.
JiGrahak Mobility Solutions (ngpay)

CEO: Sourabh Jain

Year of Start-up: 2008

Target Customer: Telcos, brands, agencies, consumers

Address: JiGrahak Mobility Solutions No 10, Ozone 2nd Floor, 3rd Main

Ashwini Layout, Ejipura (Off Koramangala Ring Road), Bangalore - 560 047,

Tel: 91-80-67004000


Positioning: ngpay is the brand

name of the mobile commerce service provided by JiGrahak Mobility Solutions.

It is Indias largest mall on the mobile. Through ngpay, consumers anywhere

across India can shop, buy tickets, bank, order food, pay bills and

moreeasily and securelyfrom their mobile handset. ngpay offers a range of

mobile services from its fast-growing network of partners. In a simple,

consolidated menu, users can transact with over 65 partners across 10

sectors, and this number is increasing every month. Since its launch in

February 2008, ngpay has become the fastest growing end-to-end mobile

commerce service in India. It has over 200,000 registered users and is

already the largest mobile channel for Indian Railways and Fame Cinemas.
July Systems

CEO: Rajesh Reddy

Year of Start-up: 2001

Target Customers: Brands/ad agencies/consumers

Address (HO/India HO): 4th Floor, Maruthi Chambers, Roopena Agrahara, Hosur
Road, Bangalore - 560 068

Tel: 80 41105859


Positioning : July Systems is a

leading mobile media company. A Mobile 2.0 pioneer with several major media

houses and sports leagues among its customers. Julys Mi Channel, the

industrys first mobile 2.0 platform, powers direct to mobile channels for

media, sports, business, and entertainment brands. These user-centric mobile

Internet channels result in significantly increased usage, advertising

inventory for publishers, and an engaged opportunity for advertisers. For

consumers, Mi Channel provides live, personalized, interactive and

multi-media experiences. Mi RevCentral is a comprehensive monetization

program for mobile portals that comprises the technology platform,

management tools and business relationships required to maximize revenues

from mobile inventory.

CEO: Sanjay Swami

Target Customer: Telcos, enterprises, banks

Address: No 27, SV Towers, 3rd Floor, 80 Feet Road, 6th Block, Koramangala,
Bangalore - 560 095

Tel: 80 4179 5900


Positioning: mChek is an

exciting new payment system that marries your credit card to your mobile

phone, allowing you to make payments from your mobile phone. Currently any

valid Visa/MasterCard Credit Card issued by any bank in India can be used

with mChek. In the future, mChek will also enable debit cards and other

payment methods. The vision of the company and its founders was to augment

everyones financial universe by creating a mobile payment platform that

could make and receive payments securely and instantly over any distance.

One of the key design imperatives of the team

was to conceive a product that is in keeping with the times, and one that

does not change but rather works with and integrates into the existing



CEO: Chaitanya Nallan

Target Customer: Telcos, ad agencies, brands, consumers

Address: 1st floor, #573, 20th main, Koramangala 8th Block, Bangalore - 560

Tel: 080 41650489


Positioning: mGinger is a

service providing targeted advertisements on mobile phones. The consumer

base is built through a registration process in which the consumers specify

their commercial interests, maximum number of ads they would like to receive

in a day, convenient time-slots and their demographic information. Apart

from getting information related to their particular interests, the

consumers also receive monetary incentives for every ad they themselves

receive and for each ad received in their network up to two levels of


The mGinger platform solves

critical problems like content composition, cost of campaign and return on

investment measurability for advertisers.

mKhoj Solutions

CEO: Naveen Tewari

Year of Start-up: 2006

Target Customer: Ad agencies, brands, consumers

Address: Suite No 35, 1st floor, Ratna Jyot Industrial Premises, Off SV
Road, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai - 400 056 India

Tel: 22 - 26717772/3/4


Positioning: mKhoj is a Mobile

Advertising marketplace that gives advertisers a targeted way to reach out

to consumers directly on their cell phones around the globe, and has given

mobile publishers a way to monetize their traffic. Advertisers can use the

vast reach and precision of the mobile medium to create a strong brand and

generate leads. Publishers can use mKhoj to get contextual ads for its

customers to increase the value of their mobile property.

mKhoj has been rapidly evolving with the

efforts of a young team of experienced and highly qualified entrepreneurs

who believe that mobile is the future of marketing and has the potential

even larger than Web-based advertising.

Mast Mobile Media

CEO: Nimish Shrivastava

Target Audience: Telcos, brands

Address: B-2/1B, Nidhi House, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi - 110 029

Tel: 11 46029800


Positioning: Mast Mobile is a

mobile media, advertisement and technology company based in India and the

US. They target operators and brands, helping them realize significant RoI

via versatile, turnkey, end-to-end VAS platform and integrated ad ecosystem.

Their portfolio includes aggregating advertisements and content, managing

the portal and ad ecosystem, and advising on technology strategy. They have

products focused on mobile ads and music portals, etc. From hosting,

deployment to program and product management, they provide end-to-end

services . They also work closely with many content providers to bring

popular as well as differentiated content to operators.

CEO: Sanjay Gupta

Year of Start-up: 2006

Target Customer: Brands, ad agencies, consumers, telcos

Address: 105 Model Basti, Rani Jhansi Road, New Delhi 11005

Tel: 91 11 23670685


Positioning: MobiSolv operates a

targeted mobile advertising network for advertising and marketing activities

on the mobile Internet ecosystem. The company currently has hundreds of

publishers which provide multi million impressions per month, and increasing

rapidly. Their USP is a highly targeted and localized mobile ad-serving

engine with strong IP potential.


buyers are advertisers like brands, advertising agencies, media buyers,

institutions, WAP/mobile portals, etc, who have chosen mobile as a medium in

their marketing mix. There are very standardized models for selling of

inventory. These are impression- based CPM, click-based CPC or

acquisition-based CPL.

Mobile Mantra

CEO: KJ Singh (Director)

Year of Start-up: 2000

Target Audience: Enterprise, telcos

Tel: 91 9810065988


Positioning: From just mobile

messaging needs to enterprise level applications, Mobile Mantra connects

multi retail outlets having multiple database to one single platform and

enables communication with customers on their mobile. The company provides

ready to use product for all customer communication needs. Mobile mantra is

a digital cross media agency providing integrated branding, promotion and

distribution solutions.

Mobile Mantra

builds digital media on which enterprises can use connected and interactive

services targeting their audiences, consumers and potential customers. They

also create loyalty programs.

MosPay Info Tech India

CEO: Shantanu Dash

Year of Start-up: 2007

Target Customers: Enterprises, consumers, telcos, ad agencies

Address: 237,1st Floor, Satya Niketan, Moti Bagh II, New Delhi - 110 021

Tel: 11-32717833


Positioning: MosPay focuses on

mobile applications based on Learn, Work and Play. The objective being to

use mobile phones as a tool for learning, backup, finding locations, hotel

bookings, ticketing, payments, remote control, email, IM, etc. MosPays

experience in platforms like J2ME, Symbian, BREW, Windows Mobile, Mobile

Linux, etc and work on MMI, systems/devices, etc. It has strong experience

in system testing of various mobile handset applications and platforms. It

also has strong experience with data synchronization technology (push and

pull based), Sync ML, Experience with Bluetooth development/integration,

Security and Trust Services API.
MyScreen Mobile

CEO: Raghu Kilambi

Year of Start-up: 2007

Target Customers: Brands, agencies


Positioning : MyScreen is a

patent-pending innovative marketing and advertising solution within the

mobile communications industry. It enables advertisers to communicate with

the consumer, and establishes direct dialog between the two. MyScreens

technology is both a permission and incentive-based marketing model that

allows mobile subscribers to be compensated for receiving targeted rich-full

screen, contextual advertisements which appear at end-of-call, when

subscribers are most receptive to view communications.
Nazara Technologies

CEO: Nitish Mittersain

Year of Start-up: 2000

Target Customers: Enterprise, consumer,

Address: 601, Dalamal House, Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400 021 India

Tel: 022-22810303


Positioning: Nazara Technologies

is a mobile entertainment company and content provider to all mobile

operatorsfrom Archie comics to high-end games, wallpapers to songs, games

to puzzles, and entertainment to sacred mantras. Nazara claims to be the

one-stop solution to all entertainment needs. Nazara exclusively licenses

many well known brands such as world famous Sanjay B Jummani, Sachin

Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Virendra Sehwag, Archie Comics, GM Vishwanathan Anand,

Sameera Reddy and Stardust Gossips and develops mobile contents based on

these iconic brands. Some of campaigns like SachinNazara with Reliance have

been very successful and Nazara will shortly launch Vishwanathan Anand chess

club on mobile. Nazara has become the first Indian player to launch a 2D

mythological game based on Mahabharata called Gurubhakta Eklavya, also

available on iphones. It will soon launch a series of mythological games

based on Indian epics and including Mahabharata, Ramayana, Panchtantra and

Akbar Birbal, etc. It is also working on games based on Marathi and Bengali

Netcore Solutions

CEO: Abhijit Saxena

Year of Start-up: 1999

Target Customer: Enterprises, consumers, telcos, ad agencies

Address: 02 Peninsula Chambers, Peninsula Corporate Park, GK Marg, Lower
Parel, Mumbai 400013

Tel: 22 6662 8000


Positioning: Rajesh Jain

launched Netcore Solutions in 1998 to focus on affordable software solutions

for Indian corporates. Netcores mission is to develop products and services

for consumers and enterprises. Netcore has built an impressive client base

of more than 1,000 corporates across 800 locations in India and abroad using

its messaging and mobility products. Netcores mobility division has been

creating benchmark permission based mobile products and services. Created

under the umbrella brand of MyTodayMyToday mobi, MyTodaySMS and MyTodayMOBS

provides an array of services to millions of users across the length and

breadth of the country.

CEO: Debasis Chatterji

Year of Start-up: 2000

Target Customers: Enterprise, consumer, telcos, ad agencies

Address: 3-5-798, Prathima Schalass, Basheerbagh, Opp Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,

Tel: 40-66636600


Positioning: NetXcell provides a

platform for developing mobile value added services. The company focuses on

development of a specific product based on the operators needs and also

moves along with the operator in understanding the behavior of the products

in the market and enable correction in the process. NetXcells solutions

integrate enterprise IT and wireless environments enabling the deployment of

value added services. NetXcells value added services include information

services on mobile like news, business news, stock updates, horoscopes,

movie reviews, jokes and downloading of ringtones, picture messages,

operator logos, etc. NetXcell introduced Cricket on Mobile, Advertising

on Mobile and Exam Results on Mobile in Indiasome of the most popular

value added services accessed by the mobile users. In addition, the company

also hosts various kinds of value added services.

CEO: Evert Jaap Lugt

Year of Start-up: 2007

Target Customers: Enterprises, consumers, telcos


Address: Vatika Towers, GF, Block A, DLF Golf Course Road, Sector 54, GGN

Tel: 91 124 3054000

Positioning: Nimbuzz offers an

all-in-one solution on the mobile, PC and Web for calling, conference

calling, instant messaging, group chat and chat rooms, and photo and file

sending by aggregating popular social and IM communities to deliver VoIP,

(geo) presence and Instant Messaging (IM) to the mobile, PC and Web. They

use the capabilities of mobile Internet to reduce customers communications

costs and encourage the sale of data for operators. Nimbuzz has positioned

itself to become the largest global communications platform for seamless

IP-based communication among mobile devices and social media platforms.
Nuevo Telesoft

CEO: Vinay Bhartia (director)

Target Customer: Enterprise, telcos

Address: 5/6 Rushabh Complex, Dalia Industrial Estate, Off New Link Road,
Andheri (West),Mumbai - 400 053

Tel: 26731207


Positioning: Nuevo Telesoft

provides mobile and IT solutions to enterprises, facilitating them to mobile

and SMS enable their businesses. They provide complete end-to-end solutions

for setting up SMS short codes, SMS broadcast tools, SMS integration with

databases and mobile advertising and marketing services. They boast of

clients like Puma, Baskin Robins and Provogue.

CEO: Carol L Realini

Year of Start-up: 2005

Target Customer: Enterprises, Consumers

Address: The Estate, 801-808, 8th floor,121, Dickenson Road, Bangalore - 560


Positioning: Obopay is a

pioneering service that lets consumers and businesses purchase, pay, and

transfer money through any mobile phone using Obopays mobile application,

text message or phone Web browser in real time. As the first comprehensive

mobile payment service created exclusively for the mobile phone, Obopay

works on any phone and with any cellular operator to empower consumers and

businesses with the convenience of secure, speedy and convenient mobile


The concept for Obopay

happened while Carol Realini, Obopays founder and CEO, was doing volunteer

work in Africa.

One97 Comms

CEO: Vijay Shekhar Sharma (MD)

Year of Start-up: 2000

Target Audience: Telcos, enterprises, consumers

Address: 1st Floor, Devika Tower, Nehru Place, New Delhi 110 019, India

Tel: 11- 4650 0197


Positioning: One97

Communications provides localized content, robust platforms for network

services and is the perfect partner to take a message to the market via the

telecom media. Launched in December 2000, One97 Communications very quickly

grew to be a company that Business Today profiled and predicted as one of

the hottest companies in India. Today One97 is setting benchmarks in telecom

VAS innovation, creating applications that are unique and relevant in the

domestic and international markets.

It has recently formed many strategic

alliances like Express Network and Osho International.


CEO: Arvind Rao

Year of Start-up: 2000

Target Customer: Telcos, enterprises, agencies

Address: #26, Bannerghatta Road, JP Nagar, Phase III, Bangalore - 560 076

Tel: 080-41802500


Positioning: OnMobile is Indias

largest white labeled VAS company for mobile, a landline and media service

providers. The company offers telecom value added services, voice portals,

ringback tones, mobile content aggregation and distribution, interactive

media portals, mobile advertising, 1-to-1 direct marketing on mobiles and

m-commerce. It provides services like ring back tones, WAP, voice portals,

TV programming, mobile marketing, etc.

The acquisition of French data products company Voxmobili has further

strengthened the product portfolio with products like Phone Backup, Network

Address Book & Mobile Paparazzideployed with many global carriers like

Orange, AT&T, France Telecom, T-Mobile, Wanadoo, and Turkcell.

Paymate (India)

CEO: Ajay Adiseshann

Year of Start-up: 2006

Target Customers: Enterprises, consumers, telcos

Address: 7, Ramjanki, 356 Linking Road, Khar (W), Mumbai 400 052

Tel: 22 724 26 626


Positioning: PayMate enables

instant transfer and reciept of money, payment for retail purchases, monthly

utility bills, flight and movie tickets, etc, with speed and safety.

PayMates mobile payment solutions link the mobile phone to any financial

instrument of the customers choice, whether its an existing bank account,

credit card or a prepaid accountturning the mobile phone into a secure

payment tool to be used anytime, anywhere.

CEO: Taron Mohan

Target Customer: Telcos, enterprises

Address: E-46/8, Okhla Industrial area, Phase II, New Delhi - 110 020

Tel: 011-40503737


Positioning: is

among the most respected players in the telecom VAS domain with a series of

revenue generating services and platforms helping carriers and operators

globally with powerful technological solutions. With over seven years of

experience of working with various telecom operators and technologies,

Phoneytunes has delivered some best-of-breed and carrier grade VAS platforms

helping operators with generating incremental revenues with significant

increase in ARPU. Phoneytunes has a development center in New Delhi, India.

The key values while designing solutions include helping operators with

increase in revenues and reduction in costs.

CEO: Vunay Bhide (founder)

Target Customer: Enterprises

Address: 5, Gharonda, Gulmohar Path, Off Law College Road, Pune, India - 411


Positioning: ProtonDreams is a

leading provider of Web and mobile enabled workforce management solution

which is tightly integrated with Microsoft Project and Excel; allowing

automated task scheduling and anywhere-anytime response capturing using Web

and SMS technology. Their main area of operation is remote workforce

management. Their focus is on organizations whose revenues are tightly

coupled with productivity and performance of field personnel. ProtonDreams

solutions are targeted at sectors such as; retail, logistic and

distribution, construction, energy and utilities; off-shore exploration and

post sale customer service.
SMSCountry Networks

CEO: Satya Kalyan Yerramsetti

Year of Start-up: 2003

Target Customers: Enterprises/ad agencies/consumers

Address: # 408, Aditya Trade Center, Ameerpet, Hyderabad-500038
Bangalore-560 068


Positioning: SMSCountry provides

enterprise mobility solutions to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of

enterprise communications. Alongwith enterprise mobility solutions

SMSCountry is a leading provider of targeted mobile advertising on SMS and

WAP through its product called 160by2. Rated amongst top 25 fastest growing

technology companies in India in 2008 by Deloitte, SMSCountry was also

identified as one of top 10 innovative companies in India by Microsoft in

2007. Leading corporates in India and globally use SMSCountrys services to

integrate their CRM and sales systems for real time delivery of information

through SMS. SMSCountry handles accounts of bluechip companies like Cadbury,

Coca Cola India, Hindustan Unilever, Max New York Life, NIIT, Frito Lays,

Virgin Mobile, etc amongst its customers.
Sunsilica Solutions

CEO: Venkam Raju

Target Customer: Enterprises, agencies, telcos

Address: B20, Journalist Colony, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad


Positioning: Sunsilica is an

emerging player in the wireless and electronic messaging market. Having

worked with major industry players, the company helps its customers achieve

mobile marketing, wireless messaging and content distribution goals.

Sunsilica develops and markets wireless applications and cross-platform

solutions for clients in various business sectors. Sunsilica was among the

first few companies in mobile computing.

Sunsilica has its development center in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. It
is engaged in the business of providing wireless messaging solutions.
ValueFirst Messaging

Country Head and Co-Founder: Vijay Shukla

Year of Start-up: 2003

Target Customers: SOHO, SME, Corporate, Govt

Address (HO/India HO): B-17, Institutional Area, Sector - 32, Gurgaon,
Haryana, 122 002 India

Tel: +91 124 4632000


Positioning: ValueFirst is a

provider of enterprise mobile messaging services with a clear focus on SMS

mobile messaging. It allows its customers to communicate between varied IT

back-end systems and mobile phones using SMS services. The company provides

an end-to-end, carrier-grade mobile messaging services platform that

includes configurable software applications, custom development and

application hosting, as well as connectivity with over 500 mobile operators

worldwide. As part of its offerings ValueFirst provides access to an

intelligent mobile messaging middleware, products and service support. The

companys mobile messaging platform supports both CDMA and GSM handsets.

CEO: Beerud Sheth

Year of Start-up: 2004

Target Customer: Enterprises, consumers, telcos

Address: 3rd Floor, Unit No CM-1 SINE/CSRE Building, IIT Bombay, Powai,
Mumbai - 400 076


Positioning: Webaroo was founded

in June 2004 with the vision of developing innovative mobile solutions for

the consumer market. Over the last three years, Webaroo has developed

several market leading products. Some have already achieved a significant

market traction, while others are well on their way to getting there.

SmsGupShup is perhaps the most popular product of Webaroo. It is a mobile

group SMS service that allows users to create mobile communities and

broadcast messages to them. GupShup is growing rapidly with thousands of

groups on topics such as finance, entertainment, lifestyle, health, sports

and technology.
Ziva Software

CEO: Ajay Sethi

Target Customer: Telcos, agencies, consumers

Address: Building 817, 2nd Floor, 20th Main, Near 80 Feet Road, 8th Block,

Bangalore - 560 095

Tel: 080 25704510


Positioning: Ziva provides

products and services in the Mobile Search domain. They have taken a leading

step in the next generation of integrated mobile search and social

networking with platforms built to fundamentally change the way people

access and interact with information from a mobile phone.

To meet highly specific industry and application

requirements, they also offer a range of business solutions, targeted at

different members in the mobile industry, each designed to return the right

information with minimal clicks and maximize their return. The companys

suite of search products aligns search with the interests of different

players in the mobile value chain and creates a value proposition to all its