Marching To The Cloud Band

Breaking free from capex-driven on-premise models, IT organizations in India are seeking digital nirvana in the cloud

Shailender Kumar of Oracle cites some cloud adoption dynamics in this part of the world. Some of the reasons he cites are: as a hub for technology innovation (look at the number of startups emerging in India), the sheer size of the market (look at the addressable market available to modernize government and business and digitize citizens) and the breadth and depth of skills available through its youth or future workforce or partner organisations.

“With the cloud, rapidly emerging economies like India can remove barriers to costly technology, open opportunities for new services and products, encourage small businesses, start-ups and new entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and academia, and farmers to collaborate and share knowledge.”

“Much of the current momentum is partly due to the adoption of digital technologies like cloud, and its underlying applications and platforms. We are already witnessing how “Digital India” programs are adopting cloud and other digital disruptors, to help build a modern and inclusive nation.

As the biggest enterprise in India’s digital ecosystem, the government is also leading from the front spending billions of dollars in IT and modernization,” adds Kumar. Commenting on the cloud evolution at this point in time, Microsoft’s Meetul Patel says, “ However, cloud computing has moved towards the next step in computing, called edge computing with real-world impact and a clear path for growth in this field. Edge computing is arguably the natural evolution of remote computing in the intelligent cloud and local computing on the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and consumer electronics.

“At present, the Indian market is on the cusp of the cloud revolution. With an increase in the amount of connectivity, devises, and applications, diverse sectors are witnessing the rapid transformation. This has occurred due to change in expectations of consumers, which has reformed the way business is expected to grow. Gartner predicts that cloud adoption in India will continue through 2019, as Indian enterprises now consider cloud to be the strong catalyst they need, they look to jump-start their digital transformation journey.

However, in India, data security, privacy, compliance, and governance continues to be the biggest barrier to cloud adoption. This can be changed with cloud infrastructure providers/vendors taking a proactive initiative to educate the consumer on the benefits and providing solutions to its challenges”, says Sunil Mahale, VP & MD, Nutanix India.

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