Management in the Era of Digitally-driven HR

By: Rudra Shankar Shatapathy, Group MD & CEO at In2IT Technologies

When we talk about Human Resource (HR), we talk about the most important asset for any organization. In the 21st century, where technology plays a crucial role in transforming and reshaping the lifestyle as well as business trends, HR is no different in adopting technology as a tool to create a digital space.

HR is the real wealth for any organization in the truest of sense. No business can run without the brilliant minds of HR professionals as they hold the key to success with effective utilization of manpower and technology. At present, organizations are taking a step ahead and going digital to explore unique digital platforms and generate demands for digitally-driven HR.

HR has the power to revolutionize the way it has been catering to its customer base by offering digital services, systems and processes with the advent of digital tools such as apps and social media platforms. HR professionals have now become more technology oriented that leads to an inter-connected team of members in any organization. This type of connectivity proves quite beneficial in terms of increasing productivity via interactive discussions, open platforms to share ideas, along with business development strategies. HR bond becomes even stronger when technology meets the services in order to provide customer satisfaction at a fast pace and with increased efficiency.

The most visible impact of technology on the activities of HR is the recruitment or hiring process of employees and talent management for any organization. Earlier, the whole process of selecting an appropriate candidate was too complex and time-consuming as the employer certainly has to analyse and understand the key skills of any applicant. It’s not an easy task and so required different levels of selection process and the employer had to individually go through every profile whether he/she is eligible for the post or not.

With the advent of HR technology, the task has become easier as organisations have digitized their recruiting methods and are increasingly relying on virtual job boards. Social media platforms such as Linked In, Twitter, Facebook etc. further triggers the digital recruitment process thereby making it more transparent and less time-consuming.

Employees are getting trained in most organizations via multimedia platforms or digital tools which help to polish their technical skills and make them technologically advanced which is necessary to match the pace with the business world globally.

HR professionals deal with the HR competencies on daily basis to manage big data apart from keeping a track of employee needs. After all, a happy employee is the ladder to success for every growing organization.

The IT ecosystem is paving newer and better ways for HR development with the continually evolving technology and bringing best IT products such as Software as a Service (SaaS) based applications for human capital management (HCM). These IT products subsequently empower HR departments of different organizations to achieve their respective business goals and mark significant impact in the world of HR.

In order to leverage the embedded potential of HR technology, organizations must develop their technology infrastructure while making most of the existing technology. With integrated IT systems, Big Data Analytics, IoT and Cloud Computing, organizations will not only improve HR technology but also retain the best talent to emerge as a global leader.

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