Making IT Work: Crayon Excellerate Partner Summit

With the summit, Crayon Software Experts, a global software and cloud expert, aimed at going out into the market with their partners to showcase their cloud expertise

In the continual journey of Excellerate partner summit, Crayon and Dataquest organized the next networking event in New Delhi, Eros Hotel on 21st November, 2018 to build strong relationship with existing and new partners.

With the summit, Crayon Software Experts, a global software and cloud expert, aimed at going out into the market with their partners to showcase their cloud expertise. According to Crayon, the company has done a number custom forums, partner summits and GTM with alliances in the last 6 months to highlight how the company with each of its partners and customers has capitalized on mutually exchanging their strengths. The event witnessed a massive turnout with the participation of 104 personalities from 54 unique companies, enabling networking and idea sharing between Crayon and its existing as well new partners.

In his welcome note, Vikas Bhonsle, CEO, Crayon Software said “Let me begin by thanking all of you. When we started this business in 2014, I had two choices which were: Should we go directly to the market or should we work with partners. Then I decided to focus on my licensing skills, and entire intelligent platform and software asset management skills. We started our journey with partners by using their specialized workload capabilities and together we created a complete package of services to go and win our customers.”

The event empowered partners with various support programs and benefits while also covering the Voice of the Session by 3 partners who got the chance to speak on their USP’s and JVP with Crayon Software.

Ashish Bhola, GM Allainces and New Initiatives, HCL Technologies, said, “We are an 8.5 billion dollar company spread across 43 countries and with a workforce of more than 1.3 lakh employees. Our vision is to be the best technology service provider in the world. Crayon has a global presence like HCL Technologies and they are able to fulfill our global requirements. On a partnership perspective, we have tie-ups with all big software technology OEMs but still there are some niche areas and requirements that cannot be fulfilled with these partnerships. Crayon is helping us to address those niche areas to fulfill the requirements.”

Abhay Joshi, Product lead – Crayon Software, showcased the various support programs and benefits and said, “We cover the entire platform from pay as go standpoint. We have Microsoft, AWS, Citrix, Redhat, and Zimbra in our portfolio. With a huge portfolio, it is more important for us to ensure that we have that robust platform to enroll all these customers and address them as seamlessly as possible.”

Chandra Sekar, EVP – Technical & COO, PC Solutions said, “We are one of the early partners of Crayon Software. In the past 4 years, I have met Vikas for the 3rd time today. We have never had any issues so far. Crayon has built a strong and trustable relationship from the top level management to the ground level staff and the team has been very supportive at each and every stage to fulfill our deliverables.”

Sunny Sharma, Co-Founder, Foetron, said, “We are a business transformation partner. Our relationship with Crayon Software has just started and we are really happy that they are helping us in credibility of price on BOQ, conveying value and building the scale with joint offerings to the customers.”

The partner summit could be deemed as a huge success not only in terms of networking with partners but also in forming mutual relationship and possible business opportunities to deliver the latest technology to end customers. In conclusion, Amit Majumdar, Regional Head, North and East said, “I would like to end today’s wonderful gathering with a big Thank you to all of you for sparing your valuable time in the middle of the week and for your continuous association with Crayon. In future, we are really looking forward to a bigger and stronger relationship with all partners.”

By Ankit Parashar

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