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Online Integrated Land
Information System (INLIS)

To buy property in Singapore, all a citizen needs to do is to log on to the
website http:// and extract land details from the Ministry of Law’s
Integrated Land Information Services (INLIS). After locating the property, you
can locate the title document and ascertain the lot area, last transaction price
and encumbrances. The system is enabled for Geographical Information System
(GIS) and ecommerce. This application is quite popular with the real estate
industry in Singapore. There is no subscription fee for this service, but users
pay between S$5 and S$24 to obtain land information they need.

Government Electronic Mail
System (GEMS)

The Government’s centralized mail system is an enterprise wide system
offering the government ministries and statutory bodies connectivity. Based on
Lotus Notes, a government-wide directory of current mail users can interact with
the system everyday for intra and inter-organization workflow and document
exchange. This facilitates different government bodies to work in real-time on
the same project.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

BP-Expert is an intelligent plans checking system that checks plans.
BP-Expert uses AI to interpret features-based CAD plans against building control
regulations and correcting any design errors before submitting plans for
approval electronically. Only building plans are captured in a features-based
CAD form and it can be put through the BP-Expert. The AI engine drives the
BP-Expert to check architectural designs against expert rules, which are
building control codes and regulations. The screen lights up red boxes as they
indicate areas of non-compliance. It informs you about areas of non-conformance.
Corrections, once made, will indicate green lights on the screen to confirm that
all is clear. It is encouraged by the Building Plan Branch of BCD Ministry of
National Development, Singapore.

Road Information Management
System (RIMS)

This system manages the nation’s multi-billion dollar transportation
infrastructure. RIMS began to streamline LTA operations and turn the once labor
intensive process into productive electronic business workflow. The information
in its central database, pertaining to traffic regulation and management,
transport planning, vehicles management and road safety is a resourceful
repository of all data related to road transport. The system itself consists of
several modules that addresses all of these aspects.

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