How to Lower the Stress Levels of Your HR Department

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For a workplace to thrive, each member of the team must work to the best of their ability. Working under stress and pressure can be the deciding factor in how good the output of work is. Here are a few ways on how to lower the stress levels of your HR department.

Organizing Staff

Managing your staff correctly will determine how well each member works. As a business grows in success, more and more tasks must be completed so it is important that you take the time to investigate each role of your department and identify key strengths and weaknesses. Organizing your staff and giving clear instructions can help your team feel settled and in control of what they are doing. When you have identified tasks for each role, you may need to bring more people into the business. It is important to not sign too many roles to one member as this can higher stress levels and result in a poor output of work.


Being on hand to help and support your department is vital for a happy and hardworking team. Like with any business, there can be more stressful times than others and some members of the team may need more guidance than others. Taking the time to listen to their needs and give reassurance and solutions can help lower the stress levels of the department and ensure you all work to the best of your ability.

Addressing Issues

Many who work in a HR department may feel under threat that they could be made redundant. With cuts being made across the board, job security is a factor that many workers think about. With uncertainty comes stress which can affect the performance of your staff. Rumours about job losses can spread like wildfire across the department, potentially causing productivity to decrease and low morale across the team. It is important that you are in control and be honest with your department as well as giving guidance and support to those who need it most. Make sure that you hold meetings with your department where you will be able to address any issues as well as getting feedback.


With technology constantly evolving, new software is implemented into departments to help speed up productivity. However, some members of the department may feel more confident than others in using software. It is important to move with the times and learn new technology as it can make your role much easier.

Taking simple steps such as using cloud software like that provided by AccessPay can help a business grow and make tasks easier for staff. The software makes the payroll process much simpler and going onto the website can help you learn more about bacs bureau software, ensuring you are up to date and understand every aspect of the program.

Be Honest

For your department to trust you and feel safe in their role, it is important that you stay honest and provide correct information. There are many ways that staff can become stressed and lose motivation, so it is up to you to come up with new and fresh ideas that can keep your team on track and enjoying their job. Mapping out the day to day operations for your team can give them more clarity and understanding. This can also reduce stress levels and ensure the team are in full control and understand what is expected of them.

Reward Your Staff

Employees can have higher stress levels when they do not feel they are being rewarded correctly. It is important that you identify when a pay increase should be given as well as analysing a fair pay scheme. A way to boost morale amongst the department could be to create a rewards program. Employees like to work towards goals and achieve rewards. Making your department feel valued can make a significant difference and help change the overall atmosphere. A rewards program could consist of special bonuses, commissions and the chance to win prizes. Make sure to have goals that are attainable for your team which will help boost the morale of the department.

If you would like more tips on how to lower stress levels in a HR department, make sure that you look online at relevant websites where you will be able to get a better understanding and be able to implement changes to help your department flourish.

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