Low-code + co-creation: The next big thing in enterprise digital transformation

Low-code tools are not just to speed up the traditional app development method by reducing coding efforts. These tools are reshaping how organizations are going to emerge. The future of innovation is Co-creation. And, low-code tools facilitate co-creation.

The ever-growing need to optimize digital has been gutted out and exposed by the pandemic and it is important to make sure that the employees have the tools that support creative thinking. With low-code, one can give the power to innovate in the hands of the business users, who, even without being a development specialist, will be able to build quality applications, handle integrations, customize the user interface, ensure standard compliances, etc.

Ideas once lost in translation can now be actualized by removing the hurdles of scripting, opening the doors to a wider audience and allowing them to innovate by turning more of their business ideas into applications.

Low code tools are reshaping how organisations are going to emerge

What’s interesting to note about low-code is how it can facilitate co-creation in an era of rapid delivery. Agile teams, developers, designers and project heads with varying levels of skill sets can come together on a common ground to collaborate and accelerate development. It is helping agile teams by coupling their fast-paced decisionmaking capabilities with visual development approach to create web and mobile apps. While “Time-to-value” is a key metric to measure innovation.

Enablement of co-creation challenges the traditional method of development by speeding up custom app development.  Involve the end-users of the app, be it your employees or your customers, as active participants in the design and development process of the applications. Low-code provides the right balance between the support and self-service attributes that challenges the traditional method of development by speeding up custom app development. It ischanging the very nature of engagement and relationship between the business and the IT, and the co-creation group work as the market research group putting together the best of their experience and expertise and creating impactful applications.

Significantly speed up app development and improve productivity

We’re witnessing today is one of the most progressive ways to utilize the business expertise. Low-code has the capacity to transform established business processes and radically change the way one works. It creates developers out of the business teams. What we’re witnessing today is one of the most progressive ways to utilize the business expertise of, say, a manager, and transform a business with the right applications that innovatively solve day-to-day challenges creatively and can be iterated upon just as easily. With the business teams empowered to solve their own problems and use applications that function together, they can complete their jobs more efficiently and the IT teams get more time to receive feedback from users and adjust the solutions swiftly to meet the business needs.

In light of the current events, low-code platforms are allowing application leaders to address the needs of a fast-paced and highly disruptive business landscape. It significantly speeds up application development time, which teams can measure in terms of hours and days than weeks and months. This kind of speed leads to improved collaboration between the business and IT.

The global low-code development platform market size isexpected to hit as high as $45.5 billion by 2025 from $13.2 billion this year and it is clear why. The ‘lego-like’ building approach is becoming an extraordinarily disruptive chapter in the enterprise digital transformation story, leading to extensive funding and entry of big tech in the no-code domain.

As per a recent Forrester report, the low-code market is all set to reach an annual growth rate of 40%, with spending forecasted to hit a whopping $21.2 billion by 2022. We are at a stage where the growth of an organization can be greatly determined by its ability to exploit technology to its highest potential. In a rapidly evolving world, where tech innovation plays a critical role in organizational success, the speed and innovation low-code brings to the table can be complete game-changers for businesses.

By Jinen Dedhia, Co-founder and MD, DronaHQ

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