LogMeIn Introduces the Future of Customer Engagement with New A.I. Powered Bold360 Product Lineup

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Artificial Intelligence

LogMeIn has introduced the new A.I. powered Bold360 product portfolio.  Seamlessly bringing together chatbots and human agents, the new Bold360 leverages artificial intelligence across both self-service and agent-assisted engagement channels to deliver dramatically better customer experiences.  Together with the leading Bold360 intelligent customer engagement platform, the Bold360 family now includes Bold360 ai, a conversational chatbot and virtual customer assistant solution that makes self-service more engaging and intuitive than ever before.  By adding A.I. across channels, LogMeIn is empowering companies to deliver the more humanized, personalized and consistent experiences today’s digital first customer demands.


“Companies know that customer experience is a strategic differentiator, but delivering a consistently amazing and responsive experience can be in direct tension with managing costs and the availability of agent resources used to support customers,” said Mary Wardley, Program Vice President, Loyalty and Customer Care and CRM at IDC.  “Adding in the pressures of ever-changing customer requirements and the need to support new engagement channels, legacy systems are falling short in meeting the demands of growing businesses across industries. Technologies like artificial intelligence are emerging to help ease some of the strain on both these systems and the customer service teams that use them.”

The new supercharged Bold360 portfolio is the ultimate engagement solution, delivering rich customer profiles, conversational and intuitive digital self-service, and faster time-to-value. By leveraging the power of A.I., Bold360 helps personalize and enhance every engagement, no matter where it takes place all while delivering groundbreaking intelligence with out of the box simplicity.  Aimed at addressing the challenges associated with delivering remarkable customer experiences, Bold360 brings humans and bots together in a tightly integrated solution that delivers:

  • AI-Powered Agent Assist: A.I. helps the agent’s workflow and recommends content to use for greater efficiency and better outcomes. Additionally, Bold360 ai can automatically handle routine customer interactions freeing agents up to focus on more complex or high-value work.
  • Seamless Bot to Human Transition:  Bold360 offers the most tightly integrated agent and bot solution to ensure seamless transition from bot to agent in the same chat window.
  • Intelligent Self-Service: Providing a front-line customer experience through dynamic search and FAQs, chatbots, and virtual agents, Bold360 delivers immediate and consistent customer outcomes to solve problems faster across channels of engagement.
  • Faster Time-to-Value: Where most A.I. powered customer engagement solutions today require complex data analysis, months of set-up and significant amounts of data, Bold360 is accessible and ready-to-use, delivering value in weeks, not months. No data scientists required.
  • 360 Degree Customer View:  Bold360 modernizes legacy systems by consolidating customer data across every customer interaction and manages data from disparate systems to present real-time actionable insights for faster issue resolution and a superior customer journey no matter the channel – chatbot, automation process or live agent.
  • Integration with Business Systems: Bold360 eases integrations with the business systems companies are using today, including Salesforce and Zendesk, to provide that information directly into the Bold360 agent interface, without needing to toggle between applications.

The rollout of the new Bold360 product family falls on the heels of the introduction of the Bold360 customer engagement suite and the acquisition of Nanorep last year. Today’s news represents yet another milestone in LogMeIn’s mission to empower companies to deliver more human, personalized and intelligent customer engagement.

“What we are bringing to market today is unique in that it brings together the power of both agents and artificial intelligence seamlessly to help solve the day-to-day challenges facing customer service teams,” said Paddy Srinivasan, General Manager, Customer Engagement and Support Solutions, LogMeIn.   “While this is an extremely important milestone, it’s only just the beginning. With an eye toward the future, LogMeIn is well positioned to leverage A.I. across our product portfolio to advance the efforts of companies to reimagine customer interactions and support.”

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