LogixGRID Launches Platform to Digitize Manufacturing Logistics

LogixGRID product is the first and only product which will use configurable KPI scorecards and management dashboards

LogixGRID announced Logix.Network, a digital tool which will allow the managers of manufacturing companies to optimally manage and monitor fleet activity, hassle-free controlling and more such features to ease managing the logistics. Prior to this, the company also launched two of its major Clobz Sales and LogixERP which helped the logistics companies to regulate and boost the sales productivity.

Logix.Network is India’s first tool which will manage Inbound and Outbound logistics for multiple manufacturing units and warehouses. It is the game changing digital logistics solution that can rate the quality of freight and will also manage contracts. The technology will facilitate multi-modal shipment planning and execution features to have multiple carrier vehicle tracking, transportation execution, carrier communication and collaboration by providing real-time visibility of shipments and vehicles all on one single platform.

LogixGRID’s product is the first and only product which will use configurable KPI scorecards and management dashboards and its advanced AI-powered reporting to provide diagnostic and predictive analytics.

Speaking about the new products that have been introduced Mr.Gurcharan Singh, Director and Founder; LogixGRID said “The horizon of the domestic logistics industry is nearly limitless. Yet despite the tremendous opportunities in this industry, there are many hurdles to cross as of now. It is still an unorganized sector and monitoring the productivity of workers in the logistics industry is harder than many others. This presents some unique challenges to overcome which our digital platforms resolve”.

“Our software is ideal for shippers, vendors, and drivers because it provides each real-time data that is relevant to their jobs. We’ve spent countless man hours and created a suite of digital platforms that take into consideration every requirement of workers in the logistics industry. We’re confident we’ve created a line of products that will reshape the logistics industry domestically and abroad”, he added.

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