‘Localization of IT is critical for global integration’

The increasing pervasiveness of IT has increased the demand for localization of products. IT companies have to cater to the needs of different customers across different geographic locations. LinguaNext’s language solutions can enable solution providers to localize their products in different languages. The company has recently tied up with SAP for to enable the use of its ERP solutions in all Indian languages. COO Jagdish Sahasrabudhe in conversation with Dataquest:

Do you see this tie-up as a big boost for your business?

Yes, of course. It works both ways. SAP has a huge customer base and presence in many locations. That gives us huge opportunity to scale up our business. It would also benefit SAP as they can focus on their core product and leave the language part to us.

Localization of software has always been a big challenge. How does your solution address this problem?

This solution works primarily on the display or interface of the software system. So irrespective of the IT infrastructure deployed at the backend, one can still use this solution. We just have to incorporate the required language dictionary into the solution and it is ready for use in any language.

Are you saying that it just translates the display language?

Yes, it uses the most appropriate local language terms to translate the display screen. During the deployment phase, you can even replace some of the existing terms from the dictionary with more appropriate ones. But let me clarify, this should not be equated with a typical language translator. You cannot translate large volumes of text using this tool as that involves other issues related to semantics.

Software companies have also created their own product versions in multiple languages. How is this different?

Yes, many companies have created multi-lingual products to increase their reach. But that has its limitations. This is a much simpler approach as it enables them to deliver in any language.

What are the key sectors where it can have significant impact?

I believe banking has huge potential because the need for localization of applications is very high here. In fact, the State Bank of India was our first customer and today about 50% of our customers are in the banking segment. Other key areas could be e-governance, manufacturing, mining, oil & gas.

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