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Limelight Introduces Advanced Internet Viewing Experience

To support increasing global online traffic and content delivery challenges worldwide, Limelight Networks, a global provider in digital content delivery, announced significant new performance and functionality advancements to the Limelight Orchestrate Platform. By optimizing purpose-built software and services, the Orchestrate Platform offers breakthrough delivery performance, even over congested or changing network conditions — all without requiring special client-side code.

Customer-provided real world data shows dramatic reductions across geographies and network types:

· For a major US client: 33% reduction in SD (480p) video sessions experiencing rebuffers

· For a major US client: 25% reduction in HD (1080p) video sessions experiencing rebuffers

· For a major global video streamer: 41% reduction in video sessions experiencing rebuffers for mobile devices in an emerging market

According to Gartner, a lack of fixed network infrastructure in many emerging markets will drive a continued mobile-first approach to infrastructure deployment with more than 80%  of broadband connections over wireless through 2020, making mobile internet content delivery performance critical.

“Consumers worldwide are taking control of their internet video viewing experiences. They want to choose what to watch and when to watch it. And they expect it to be delivered flawlessly on any device,” said Anil Kumar, Managing Director at Cinesoft. “With the Orchestrate Platform, we can meet those expectations because we’re able to deliver the best internet viewing experiences over any network connection to people anywhere.”

The Limelight Orchestrate Platform is built on a global, private backbone network with the speed, capacity and availability to deliver the experiences today’s audiences demand. The platform includes integrated content delivery, web acceleration, origin storage, video management, cloud security and support services. The unique combination of global private infrastructure, advanced software, and expert services surpasses other content delivery networks (CDNs) to enable today’s and tomorrow’s workflows and put audience experiences first.

New capabilities and advancements include:

· EdgePrism Caching and Delivery Optimization: End-to-end improvements to Limelight’s EdgePrism cache management and operating system optimize performance, regardless of internet connection type or speed without requiring client-side code, providing unmatched delivery performance.

· Protocol Updates and Innovative Capabilities: New capabilities and modern platform protocol support including IPv6 and HTTP/2 coupled with recent updates to innovative features such as Intelligent Ingest and SmartPurge make it easy to deliver exceptional experiences to customers on any device, anywhere.

· Self-Service Configuration API: New self-service API simplifies and automates the process of modifying CDN configurations to support changing business requirements.

“With today’s announcement, we’re making improvements to many aspects of the business model. From content acquisition, to content management, to content delivery, with advanced self-service capabilities, and incremental support for emerging protocols, we’re determined to make sure our customers deliver an experience that’s superior to any other in the market. Content delivery is a crucial aspect of the user experience, and we believe customers will value our superior performance,” said Nigel Burmeister, VP of Marketing at Limelight Networks.

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