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has a very strong ERP backbone that has been integrated into all of its key
business processes. The ERP is a homegrown application called ‘Millennium’,
and covers all functions such as sales, logistics, manufacturing, finance,
services and HR. LGEIL is currently migrating this ERP to an Oracle ERP system
to support its growing business.

Another strategic deployment involves a WLAN network combined with a CDMA-based
G-TRAN solution. WiFi and G-TRAN enables its managers to stay connected to LGEIL’s
intranet and Internet, facilitating faster decision-making. It has deployed a
structured LAN at each one of its remote locations as these offices contribute
to approximately 50% of its turnover, leading to faster collection realization
and increased sales due to local market focus.

Arindam Bose (right)
CIO, LG Electronics
Extended Manager Award

LG rolled out LGSPX and for its franchisees and call centers.
LGSPX is a standalone system that is synchronized with its ERP system over the
Internet. The lgcsnet is a portal for high infra locations. This has resulted in
a rise in its customer satisfaction index and a drop in service cost.

It has a dealer e-confirmation project that enables it to do monthly account
reconciliation with over 3,000 direct dealers. LG has a well-designed disaster/BCP.
A Citrix application enhances access flexibility, enabling it to conduct online,
simultaneous training sessions and conferences across locations. An e-learning
portal enables its extensive sales force to educate dealers and consumers. LGEIL
has implemented an OEM IT system. It created a Power Builder based on ‘Bolt On’
system on the ERP for the OEM business. This helped LG to give OEMs good user
experience on low or high latency.

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