‘Licences for Windows Mobile-powered devices grew at 90%’

What kind of enhancements does Windows Mobile 5.0 offer its stakeholders?
The platform offers updates that make device users more productive when
working away from the desktop. These include Microsoft Office software for
Windows Mobile, persistent storage, faster access to e-mail, ActiveSync 4.0+
support, etc on the security front. It is also compliant with the FIPS 140-2
standard. Windows Mobile 5.0 includes Windows Media Player 10 Mobile, supports
technologies such as hard drives and Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0, and enables
improved media content organization. It also includes numerous enhancements that
allow device manufacturers, developers and end users to customize the Windows
Mobile user experience, add new functionalities to specific devices, and develop
new applications.

What are the security features?
The combination of Windows Mobile and Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 SP2
offers security features such as data protection, password protection, remote
and local wipe. Information transmitted between Exchange 2003 and Windows Mobile
5.0 with MSFP is SSL encrypted, and this direct connection ensures a higher
level of security.

What kind of adoption is being seen worldwide?
Tremendous. Licenses for Windows Mobile-powered devices grew at 90% overall
for FY ’06 and 95% in Q4. We recorded a y-o-y growth in excess of 40% for the
fifth consecutive quarter and achieved fiscal year operating profitability for
the first time in FY ’06. We now have 47 device makers actively shipping
Windows Mobile-powered devices to business customers through 115 mobile
operators in 55 countries. There are more than 100 different Windows
Mobile-powered devices available worldwide.

What partnerships is Microsoft seeking in India?
We’re currently working with 47 device makers and 115 mobile operators in
55 countries, and are definitely keen to build strong relationships in India. An
example of this is our recent announcement of a strategic marketing alliance
with Bharti Airtel to launch Windows Mobile 5.0, for the first time in India. We
have also tied up with HP and iMate to create the form factors on which this
solution would be made available. As businesses and users see the benefits of
staying connected, and enjoy access to information any time, anywhere, these
partnerships will put us in a stronger position to deliver value to customers in

Pragati Simlote

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