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How Jubilant Life Sciences Leveraged mobility to empower the field force

Jubilant Life Sciences has implemented a SaaS-based mobility CRM to enable its medical representatives to be more effective and productive

Jubilant Life Sciences is an integrated global pharmaceutical and life sciences company. The company has a network of seven worldclass manufacturing facilities in India, three in North America, and a team of around 6,200 multicultural people across the globe. Being in the pharmaceutical industry, the company’s medical representatives (MRs) had to visit doctors to increase awareness about the company’s pharmaceutical products.

However, Jubilant was facing challenges in tracking and managing the work route of its MRs. There was no pre-defined tour plan tool and it involved a lot of manual calculation. Also, MRs had to travel to remote areas where connectivity was of main concern, which sometimes resulted in unproductive visits to the doctor office due to absence of collaboration. Further, MRs had to manually maintain their call records, which was a time consuming task.

The company was looking at a tool to empower its MRs to be more effective and productive. Accordingly, Jubilant implemented a SaaS-based mobility CRM from Cirrius Wireless that helps integrate details like leave, tour plans, doctor meetings, notifications, and expense management. Umesh Mehta, Sr VP & CIO-India, Jubilant Life Sciences says, “This works on a concept model of anytime, anywhere, and any device. This tool is user friendly and flexible and gave us the much needed value and scalability. This new application ensures collation and updation of interactions in the server for reference and helps MRs
to connect better with doctors.”
This application helped the company both at the strategic and tactical level. Today, the field line managers as well as managers at the regional and corporate level get realtime call-by-call updates from the field on a web portal. This enables them to take informed decisions and timely corrective actions.

After implementing the solution, Jubilant Life Sciences overcame a lot of problems. Customer satisfaction and the compliance level of reporting has improved drastically. It has also improved relationship management and segmentation.
“This application has helped improve our overall call coverage by approximately 20% and coverage of ‘A’ class doctors by approximately 10%. This anytime, anywhere, and on any device application has also helped reduce the company cost of investing into mobile devices for the field force by introducing BYOD policy for MRs,” informs Mehta.
Currently, 400 MRs are using this application in online/offline mode. It provides real-time data analytics, which helps in enhancing customer satisfaction, which in turn helps in increasing the customer base. One of the key differentiators of the application is its simple and easy to use functionality—in fact MRs can be trained to use this application within four hours.

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