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Leveraging computer vision in drone technology

Emerged as a boon for everyone globally, technology has become an indispensable part of our lives and has ensured convenience in every sector. Because of the evolution of technology, many things have been made possible, which were a far cry from earlier times. One of the most appreciated advancements in technology is Drone Technology. Only featured in exhibitions earlier, Drone Technology has now made its presence visible in many countries, and its use is highly encouraged.

How drone technology is changing our lives

Earlier viewed as a dream and seen in animated movies, drones are slowly becoming a part of our daily lives. With the help of drone technology, big companies are bringing dynamic changes in the world and making the lives of their customers easy.

Here are a few examples of how drone technology is changing our (regular) lives for better.


Drones, a modern technology, also ensures safety. From catching a strange activity in the neighbourhood to keeping us informed about the possible threats, drones are very useful. Also, in overcrowded places, it helps us  know the density of the crowd and if there is a case of crime.


With the help of drone technologies, managing traffic can be easy too. Using drone technology, you can monitor traffic and see if there is a pertaining issue or if there is any infrastructure-related issue that is keeping people stuck on the roads.

Home deliveries

Another important use of drone technology is home deliveries. A lot of e-commerce companies are making use of drones for home deliveries. Drones efficiently deliver products from one location to another. Unlike the conventional delivery methods, drones do not have to go through the hassle of being stuck in traffic or getting late because of not being able to find the correct address. Drones combined with computer vision techniques can detect potholes on the road and find corrosion in towers and bridges, which might help prevent severe traffic issues.


Data recovered by Drones can be used in the form of a tiff file. It can help calculate the NDVI value and compute the vegetation cover area in that region. This helps in calculating the vegetation area in any particular part.

The use of drones is also being encouraged in agriculture. Agriculturists are using them to take images of their land. The ability of drones to fly as high or as low as required makes it easier for farmers to identify potential issues that the human eye from ground level cannot see.

Measuring population density

In a country like India, keeping a count of population becomes a huge task. Drone technology can come handy in this and help us calculate the density of people in a specific area. Especially in the times of a pandemic or war, drones significantly helped monitor things.

Talking about the pandemic, in coronavirus situation, the drones were fitted with thermal scanners and helped in identifying potential virus carriers in a crowd, after which required preventive measures can be taken.

Emergencies and natural disasters

Another area where drones can play a fundamental role is the delivery of medicines. Not only do they ensure fast delivery, but they also deliver medications without any physical contact. For times like the recent pandemic, using drone technology to deliver medicines is very beneficial. In case of an emergency like coronavirus or a natural disaster, drones can reach the place/population in crisis faster than any other mode of transportation.


Drones are also being used to spray disinfectant over public spaces like airports, railway stations, etc., to keep them safe and hygienic.

Public welfare announcements

Another useful feature of drones is that their megaphones can be connected to police officers’ cell phones. This will allow them to call in and make their announcements, as well as make urgent reports more accessible.

Because of the benefits mentioned above that drones offer, experts are predicting a very bright and positive future for this type of technology. It is likely to spread its wings across all the sectors of an economy and play a significant role in boosting the efficiency of daily activities.

How does Computer Vision help in making better use of Drone Technology

A branch of Artificial intelligence (AI) – Computer vision studies how computers can be designed in a way that we can understand and interpret images. Being an incredibly powerful tool, computer vision can be used in multiple ways – from surveillance and security to navigation and planning.

Using computer vision, you can automate tasks to make human engagement in the other important tasks simpler. This is particularly useful in industrial and commercial applications, where drones can be used to inspect equipment and infrastructure for signs of damage or wear and tear.

In simple words, an advanced technology like a computer vision system can make lives easier by automatically detecting and tracking objects in a situation. This can help us in security, surveillance, and traffic management. A computer vision system that can automatically detect and track objects improves traffic flow and optimize traffic patterns. Some of the advanced drones provide the detection, recognition and tracking of the objects in a given scene. Some companies use computer vision and AI algorithms such as YOLO and SSD for detections and tracking of objects in real time.

By using Computer vision, tech firms add value by making this technology more safe and reliable. This tool can be used for a variety of purposes, including security, surveillance, and traffic management. Computer vision is a powerful tool with a wide range of potential applications. As drone technology continues to develop, we can expect to see even more innovative and exciting uses for it in the future.

The article has been written by Besta Prem Sai, Founder and CEO of VECROS – A Drone tech startup

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