Lenovo laptops can now be ‘Made To Order’

Customers can customize their Lenovo ThinkPads, and all brands will be available for customization in the next 90 days

Lenovo announced its ‘Made To Order’ service for India. The service is available for Lenovo’s ThinkPad line and will be rolled out for other Lenovo brands later this year. This service brings to users the option to create a true factory-built custom PC and offers over 100,000 configurations.

“At Lenovo, we understand that in today’s world every individual uses a laptop differently, because of which there has been a growing demand for personalized laptops, which cater to specific needs. The launch of this service is a big step in our journey to becoming a truly customer-centric company and will prove to be a compelling proposition for our direct e-commerce business on www.lenovo.com”, said Rahul Agarwal, CEO and MD Lenovo, India.

The laptops ordered using this service will be custom created at Lenovo’s facility using precision automation technology and will be delivered to customers’ doorsteps in over two weeks.

Customisation options are available across the following parameters:

  • CPU –AMD/ Intel; Intel CPU Customization options – Core i3, i5 or i7
  • Storage –Standard Hard Disks/ High speed SSD
  • Graphics –Standard in-built graphics/ dedicated graphics AMD/ NVIDIA graphics
  • Screen – FHD/ UHD, between touch and non-touch screen
  • Pre-installed Software options – MS Office, Adobe suite, Anti-virus solutions and more
  • Accessories – Upgraded extra battery, Ethernet dongles, Expansion docks, External monitors and more
  • Opt for Premier Support – Extended warranty and Accidental Damage Protection

Steps to build your ‘Made-to-Order’ ThinkPad in 3 simple steps: Go to the official Lenovo website

Step 1: Select your base model.

Step 2: Choose the specifications, upgrades and accessories.

Step 3: Get it delivered right to your doorstep.

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