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Leena Ai is an India-based start-up, headquartered in the US, and Gurugram has an innovative technology solution, transforming the employee experience through its autonomous conversational AI platform that helps enterprises better HR Service Delivery.

The mission of the company is “to help enterprises build employee experience that puts people first.” It can integrate 100+ plus platforms, essential for any office, and eliminates the need for employee-centric teams to work on tasks such as answering policy-related questions, knowledge management, generating employee documents on demand, etc. In short, it acts as ‘Siri’ for employees.

Leena Ai has benefitted 3m+ employees and worked with companies like Coco-Cola, Tata technologies, Nestle, Puma, One plus, Hitachi, to name a few.

Adit Jain, Co-Founder, Leena AI, tells us more. Excerpts from an interview:

DQ: How can Leena AI’s solutions help in ensuring employees are productive in a WFH model?

Adit Jain: The pandemic brought with it a lot of uncertainties for both people and organizations. Over the past 2+ years, with WFM models becoming the norm, organizations have been increasingly adopting advanced conversational tools and analytics to understand employee needs, wants, and pain points better. In fact, for many, employee engagement is central to their organizational planning.

DQI Bureau | DATAQUEST Adit Jain.

At Leena AI, we recently launched the ‘Employee Engagement & The Hybrid Workplace Report 2022’, wherein, we surveyed more than 250 organizations globally. We discovered that for 60% of organizations, employee engagement was an integral part of their business strategy.

Leena AI’s solutions have proven to be essential for organizations, particularly in a post-pandemic world. With our solutions, organizations can eliminate the need for employee-centric or HR teams to work on tasks, such as answering policy-related questions, generating employee documents on demand, and managing employee tickets to focus on high-value activities.

Additionally, we enable organizations to listen to their employees pro-actively, and take real-time action to enhance employee engagement. Designed for modern workplaces, we tend to cover all employee touch points from employee onboarding to offboarding.

DQ: How is Leena AI helping companies like Coca-Cola, Vodafone, etc. to achieve a better employee experience?

Adit Jain: Vodafone Idea Ltd (VIL), was one of the early movers in the adoption of AI for HR digital transformation. Post the Idea Cellular-Vodafone India merger, they had foreseen the need for HR automation, to significantly improve employee experience, while boosting HR service delivery efficiency.

Our primary objective here was to transform the employee experience, to make the HR team more efficient, and to bring all queries to a single platform. We customized our HR virtual assistant as per the requirements of VIL and launched AISHA, the in-house name VIL chose for this solution.

AISHA became a one-stop solution for all HR queries. She provided VIL with better visibility of employee tickets and case management metrics, thereby resolving 90% of employee queries online without the need of escalation. AISHA has managed to become a single channel to resolve all employee queries, clarifications and requests.

On the other hand, for Gulf Coca-Cola Beverages (GCCB), we deployed a different set of solutions. GCCB, which is a group of four Coca-Cola bottlers operating in UAE, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar, had other challenges. Essentially, there was a need for an efficient platform or process that would manage employees’ requests and queries, while maintaining transparency.

In addition, they wanted to optimize many of its enterprise services, including HR ticket management, IT workflows, and finance-related services to keep pace with the rapidly evolving demands and expectations of employees. As a solution, we deployed a conversational and user-friendly platform for streamlining, automating, and accelerating the process of resolving employees’ queries, to transform employee experience across multiple channels via seamless interactions. As a result, they witnessed a 30% increase in productivity of the workforce, and their ticket resolution time was reduced from 2 days to 6 hours. Leena AI’s solutions managed to redefine employee experience at GCCB.

DQ: What kind of challenges did you solve during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Adit Jain: The Covid-19 pandemic has been difficult for a lot of organizations and people alike. For us at Leena AI, however, we managed to accelerate our business growth, owing to the nature of our solutions. Over the past 2+ years, we have been helping organizations streamline employee experiences in the workplace, whether permanent, hybrid, or remote.

In the wake of the pandemic, we observed that employers doubled their focus on their employees, particularly over factors such as seamless onboarding, employee life cycle, regular feedback on new and updated policies, as well as work-from-home strategies. This broadened the horizon of the usage of AI in the HR-Tech space, as they started to rely on AI to alleviate the strain.

Previously, the tools used by HR professionals focused solely on ERP systems used for payroll and attendance management. However, with the scope getting broader, more developed tools have been introduced in the industry in the recent past. This is where our suite of solutions came into play. Organizations have been utilizing Leena AI’s solutions to cover all employee touch points — from employee onboarding to engagement to offboarding.

Leena AI took the pandemic head-first and came out stronger, larger, and better than ever. We pooled all our resources, gave it a 100%, and assisted millions of employees around the world cope with the pandemic.

DQ: What are your growth plans? What are the other verticals you intend to foray in?

Adit Jain: Leena AI’s mission has remained constant since the company’ inception, i.e., to create a ‘Siri’ for employees globally. Tangibly, bringing Leena AI into the hands of over one billion people across the globe is one of our primary goals. Secondly, in terms of enterprise value, Leena AI aims to eliminate all types of ticketing solutions.

Our vision is to make Leena AI a one-stop solution for employees so that they never have to raise a ticket for IT, Finance, Admin, etc. Soon, Leena AI aims to become the only personal virtual assistant any employee would need in an organization.

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