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New Update

Though not with a huge margin, HP, nevertheless, maintains a clear lead over

Canon and Epson in terms of customer satisfaction in the laser printers and MFD

segment. Laser printers and MFDs is the segment with the third lowest

satisfaction score among the eight segments being surveyed, thereby indicating

that its becoming increasingly tough for vendors to get in sync with the

expectations that their customers have from them




This is the only segment where the highest ranker has scored the highest on

all the five key parameters and the lowest ranker has scored the lowest on all

the five satisfaction parameters. Overall, the survey has thrown across some

major concern areas that require action from vendorsinteraction with service

team, credit facility received, cost of ownership, availability of spare parts

and their understanding/domain knowledge of their business

While both Canon and Epson share the number two position, the former scores

over the latter when it comes to all the parameters of the most important

satisfaction derivateproduct. Epson, though, tries to even it out on the

delivery and installation parameter, the second most important criterion for

satisfaction among CIOs