Why Laptop/Mobile Delivery and Maintenance must be brought under Essential Services

The IT industry is of the view that laptop/mobile delivery and maintenance must be brought under the list of essential services during the lockdown period

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After the 21 days lockdown has been brought into place in India, the government came out with a list of essential services that will remain operational during even the nationwide lockdown. The services that are classified as essential are the ones whose interruption would endanger life, health or personal safety of the whole or large part of the population.


While several services have been included under the essential services, PCs, and Mobiles and maintenance which are probably the most important entities for everyone working from home as per PM Modi’s appeal have not made the cut in the list.

It is an undisputed fact that during the lockdown, people have become more dependent on mobile, PCs and laptops. Nearly 100% of apps run on approximately 400 million smartphones and people are using some of these apps to survive during lockdown to order food, groceries, monitoring their health.

Also, millions of students have turned to online learning and digital platforms to keep in touch with their studies as schools and colleges have been shut down in the wake of the unprecedented lockdown.

So why haven’t these aspects been considered while announcing the list? What do IT industry leaders have to say about this? Should PCs, and Mobiles and maintenance be brought under the essential services list? Read the article published on DQ Channels to know more.